Angel Healing Support Wednesday 3:30pm Free Zoom


I bring you Angelic peace and support!

If you are interested I have a free half hour angel circle on Zoom this Wednesday at 3:30pm June 3rd.

It is part of the Virtual Awaken Fair event. There are speakers all day long through June 4th.

Access code is 839-4026-9705.

I will be speaking also on the topics below.

“Step Into Your Power: Co Create An Extraordinary Life with the Angels”
Everything that we desire and wish for such as abundance with our health,
relationships, work, creativity and happiness  are all within our reach when
we are empowered.  We all have passionate dreams of a better life and world.
In my angel workshop, I will guide and teach you to access and stand in your
power and allow the support of the angels to assist you. I will share
information and techniques to make you more effective in reaching your goals
by connecting and receiving messages from your angels. Discover the archangels
for creating romance, health, and abundance. Experience a powerful healing
meditation to release fear, anxiety and balance your energy centers. Lean how
to trust your intuition and take consistent actions towards your dreams.

Stay tune for updates on next Angel Circle and radio show.

Many blessings, Barbara

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