What  my clients have said:

“I  had some trying months these past 6-8 months but yesterday I was able to finally see one of my dreams manifest. And I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you because even before the angel card reading I have appreciated you as an entire being. I have embraced the wisdom that you share. And through your words I’ve been able to let go and move forward…so…my ignition….I started yoga teacher training, finally, thank you God, and I’m on my way to realizing this dream. So I wanted to share with you and say thank you. And also acknowledge the Angels that were present during my reading because they were right. it’s an honor to be going through this process. But thank you for being a part of my growth through out all this time…. Sending you tons of light and love.” Vanessa Otero

“Thank you for all the support and guidance you have given me!  It has put me on the path of living a life powerfully and a life that I love. I’ll be starting my new job in about two weeks. I’m looking forward to work less hours and spend more time enjoying life. Will keep you updated on my life.” Chun Gong 


“I just want to thank you once again. Last night I slept so deeply and peacefully, the first time in a very long time thanks to your guidance. The money issues are the biggest ones bothering me but I am letting it all go trusting all will be well and work out as indicated in your reading yesterday. I feel so happy today and just can’t wait to see what life brings next. Thank you for teaching me the techniques needed to assure my success, happiness and ability to heal and share love with everyone. Life is so good, I just want to enjoy every minute and help everyone feel and do the same”. Love and light for you my friend,  Tara 


“You brought lights to my life, and I PROMISE I will take it to the World! Thank you for the reading today, much love from bottom of my heart! ” Lisa Qu, Lighting Designer, Owner of Ziqi Home


Barbara graciously read for me this past week. I had been in a spiral of negative energy/thoughts after a long year of being shown my “stuff” so I could heal it and move on to the next part of my journey. I am a fellow reader/healer/teacher and even I needed finally to turn to someone to help me out. I was so far into my sadness and old patterns it was time. I reached out to her and she, and the angels, were direct and loving to me. Not only was it validation for I had already KNOWN what was being said, but it was her special way of delivering the messages that my soul heard. I felt better almost immediately and by the next day dare I say I was happy again! I felt back to myself and ready to release and move on. We all, no matter WHO we are, need guidance from time to time and I would turn to her again if I needed ~ she is talented, authentic and a blessing! Namaste!

Keri   http://www.thehealingloft.net


”She is amazing, intuitive and a wonderful coach. Treat yourselves. She helped me gain some wonderful insights and shared helpful tools.”  Jenny Swart Rush

“Barbara has been so helpful, her readings are so accurate! I loved her coaching which have helped me to have a valuable shift in my life and career. The amount of information she gives you is incredible. She is so genuine with her time and commitment to help. In only 3 weeks I was able not to only shift  my relationship with myself but also with my husband and my family to a new level. I would definitely recommend you to friends. Thank you so much!”  Nadiia S.

“I am grateful to have experienced the difference using the guidance of Barbara. Everyone should take the opportunity to grow with Barbara’s guidance it is a true blessing. Thank you.”  Kat Kianna, Performer.

“After having a session with Barbara I feel lighter, have more clarity and balance!  I also noticed having less anxiety and and overall peaceful  feeling.  Thank you Barbara!!!”  Sherry Stearn, Entertainer, Producer

“I truly enjoyed a session with Barbara.  Her knowledge of different methods and a feminine approach has made me feel very comfortable and her insights very useful.  I highly recommend everyone to give it a try,” Marija (Vukovic) Parente, Radical Results Coach

“CAN’T say enough about the reading you gave me!!!  Your guidance in the reading & over the years has been a huge influence on my life!You have a true gift of helping others through your work!I have what you taught me through the reading on my night  stand to remind me daily of clearing, meditating, yoga/exercise & all the positive avenues you have showed me to move forward in life. And how to create a life of my dreams! 🙂 I’m blessed to have met you many moons ago! And  I sincerely appreciate your work! May all the good you put out into the world come back to you many times  over!”    Kimberly Barger, Flight Attendant

Wonderful show today. I am so pleased to accept your reading on the show. I was in such a great space to start the day, your opening meditation/clearing really grounded me and uplifted my spirit. The acknowledgement of my questions through the on air 3-reading, were affirming and inspiring. Thanks again, sincerely, Kirk L