Hello, I’m Barbara and welcome,

A little about myself. I was born in Japan to a Scotch Irish American father and Japanese mother in 1954. Early life was growing up on Air Force bases during the Vietnam War, traveling back and forth from Japan and attending 13 schools before I graduated from high school. This definitely created some energy patterns! On the one hand I learned adaptability and I also learned how to survive and be a perfect student to fit in and be liked. Little did I know that I was always protected and guided by my angels developing my intuition all along the way. I feel my Celtic, Samurai, Shinto and Native American ancestry have contributed to my coaching and healing abilities.

I have always been interested in energy healing especially with the arts of movement, sound and color. I could draw anything since I was 5 years old, dance and gymnastics were also a part of my life. In college I flourished with studying modern and choreographing dance, French, and Russian languages, art history and making art.  Upon graduating from college I embarked to New York City, listening to my guides with  only $100 and no place to live and  yet found my way.  Little did I know I would begin a path of profound healing, self discovery and transformation.

Life for me in the’70s in New York City was not easy. Unconscious choices with relationships and lifestyle created depression and lots of drama. But I continued to be protected and guided by my angels which led me to my first personal development course in 1981. This opened me up to powerfully healing submerged emotions and suppressed experiences. For the next 30 years I continued to take workshops, seminars and transformed every area of my life. From being someone who was extremely shy, I became a working actor. I worked on the soaps, (One Life To Live and As The World Turns),  TV shows such as Law and Order ( all of them 🙂 ) SNL, Sex and the City, Gossip Girl, Conan and more. My art was on Access Hollywood with a famous celebrity  (as she had purchased them!).  From being in abusive relationships I found my husband who I married in 1989. From being  sober in 1990 and from having body issues as a dancer I became free of the self hate.

I still work as an actor and artist with a freedom I only dreamed of!

It became very clear that what really interested me in life was sharing that transforming oneself from one’s past was the most exciting and amazing thing for me.

I had the privilege and honor to meet the exact earth angels, teachers, coaches and guides to take me each step of the way.  I have received training and certifications in angel card reading, advanced angel tarot, crystal and flower healing, and ascension process.

My joy is coaching and assisting others to embark on their journey of self discovery and mastery.

Each of us has the potential to walk the Earth as a living ascended master.  With this we can have extraordinary health, freedom and  peace.

I have a podcast on Blogtalk radio, give public talks, workshops and see clients for one on one coaching.

Presently I live with my husband, a  fabulous chiropractor ( with celebrity clients such as Stevie Wonder and Cattrall and flower garden. I am working on some healing energy   paintings and occasionally I take on acting jobs that light me up! I love dancing, Bikram, Vinasya yoga and healthy cooking and  travel.

I see clients in person in Manhattan or by Skype, Facetime, cell phone and email audio sessions.

I  can be contacted by email at bcalvano-coaching@usa.net

3 thoughts on “About

  1. After having a session with Barbara I feel lighter, have more clarity and balance! I also noticed having less anxiety and and overall peaceful
    feeling. Thank you Barbara!!!
    Sherry Stearn, Entertainer, Producer

  2. Yeah!!! Enjoy the good energy sweet thing. It is always nice to connect with fellow angel card readers and support our community! Light & love – Lisa

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