Weekly Divine Messages for August 21 to 27, 2017.

Weekly Divine Messages for August 21 to 27, 2017.
Happy Solar Eclipse! A short newsletter as I am on vacation this week visiting family. Also, I am including my Facebook LIVE video I did simultaneously with my radio show broadcast. Here is the link to my radio show: It is on Itunes also. Be sure to follow me at Blogtalk radio to receive my latest updates and Facebook at Bcalvanocoaching for Facebook LIVE notifications.
I am also very active on Insragram with inspirational posts daily! ALSO be sure to read my new client testimonial at the bottom of the newsletter today!

The word I received from my Solar Eclipse meditation is sovereignty. Own your own authority. Stop giving away your power. You have everything you need. You always had the power. SOVEREIGNTY.

The cards I used this week are from The Healing with the Angels oracle cards by Doreen Virtue.
If you would like to receive any support consider scheduling a personal session with me. I have 15, 30 45 and 60 minute sessions. By Facetime, Skype, phone and in person in Manhattan. I also have coaching programs at a special price. A series of more than 1 session to resolve an issue. I am on vacation next week August 21 through 27.
http://www.bcalvanocoaching.com/services Angel blessings, Barbara

Here is my video for the week!







You can still see my art at Yoga & Fitness Herald Square in NYC!
Meditation paintings. http://www.yogaheraldsquarenyc.com I take classes here often. They have wonderful teachers, a variety of classes and inspiring teachers! Plus it is a gorgeous studio!
Exciting news! I will be a Speaker at The New Life Expo in New York City, October 27 to 29, 2017. I will be speaking on Sunday, October 29th. “Co – Creating An Extraordinary Life With The Angels”. Time TBD. New Yorker Hotel 481 8th Avenue at West 34th Street. New York City


A recent client testimonial:
My client had come to me several times with questions about relationships. Each time I was guided to tell her to possibly change her work situation. She ended up following the angels advice and took a prestigious job at another hospital as a pathologist. She had to uproot, sell her home, move to another state and leave her friends. She did all of this and had much more fulfilling career with great co workers and environment.
Hi there! I thought you would love to hear about this: As you recall I didn’t know why I kept getting the signs to go to xxxxxxxx. . Where I work with metastatic cancer patients daily. I facilitate the tissue for diagnostic, clinical trials, and research. My leading group is breast oncology where my direct boss is up and coming in breast oncology research. He’s world renowned and his direct boss is the chairman/director of the dfci breast center and many more. Fast forward 2+ years. I turn 40- my pcp tells me I should get a mammogram. I’m so busy I don’t go. At 41-same annual visit I say I know I didn’t go for my mammogram but I promise I’m going! She says well you are in luck. They just changed the guidelines- you don’t have to go until you are 45 now. You lucked out. I was like wow, cool, ok but didn’t feel right about it. I let it go for a little bit and one morning I woke up franctic after having a dream. I dreamed that I was riddled with cancer. That morning I told my friend and said I need to call for that mammogram. I scheduled one for the next afternoon I scheduled an appointment. The next week I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer, in exactly one month I was in for surgery. I saw my surgeons and oncology team before I had my second biopsy. They lined up my clinical care team before my brain even understood what was happening. Fortunately, surgery was curative. I need preventative meds but I’m good. What’s something is my brain had blocked out that dream. My same friend mentioned it to me yesterday like thank god you had that dream. I said what dream? 1000% my guardian angel looking out for me.

We often receive guidance that may not make sense at the time but as we can see here it can be life saving!


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