Angelic Support : The Power of Grace

Angelic Support: The Power of Grace

Hello my dear friends, I hope and pray you are all able to find a way to be as peaceful as possible during these changing times. On my next radio show  I was guided to talk about the power of grace and how it can truly support us at this time. Also I will be sharing the spring equinox message and take listener calls for mini readings. It will be 90 minutes instead of 60 so I will have time to do many readings for the listeners who call in.  424-675-6837.

Here is the link for Blogtalk Radio Let’s Ask the Angels live or on replay.


From the Wild Kuan Yin oracle by Alana Fairchild. “Destiny calls you to the edge of our world. Sometimes the invitation forward in life looks like a stop sign. It seems like a kink in the plan you thought was unfolding so perfectly. However the stop signs in life are ways of of the Divine saying, “Slow down, and let me help you here. There is a better way, and I can lead you there if you allow me.”


I have extended  my specials for a 20 minute call or recording session. Angel card reading or personal meditation. Your choice. Regular $45 now $24Purchase $24 session

And my one hour session regular $150 now for $104. Several questions may be asked,  10 cards or more in the reading. Zoom, Facetime, Marco Polo or phone call. After I receive your payment I will contact you to set up the date and time. Purchase $104 session

We are living in a powerful time of change. It will be all for the better. In the meantime we must be able to focus on our intentions and not our fears.  Let me know how I can serve you!

Barbara   917-324-3726

May you be protected and graced by the angels love and presence!

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  1. Hi Barbara, I just paid for the Angel Card reading. What do I do now? Thanks! Kathy

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