‘Change Your Energy Transform Your Life’ video! And weekly angel reading!

Hello! Here’s my new updated website!
This week in addition to the weekly angel messages I am sharing with you a video and article that will be in the summer edition (July, August, September) of the online magazine ‘The Bodhi Lifestyle Magazine’. I will post the full edition when it comes out!
In the meantime here are your Weekly Angel Messages for June 12th to 18th 2017.

This week I was guided to use the Archangel Power Tarot oracle cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. Here is the link to my BlogTalk radio show from last Saturday. I go over the reading and take listener calls. My next show will be Saturday, June 17th at 4p EDT. Call in is 424-675-6837.

Here is my Youtube video:

We are ready with a new challenge that is ahead of us. There is no need to hold back as you have everything that you need to succeed. Just be present, alert and aware to the details in front of you. Be sure to focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want and release all that no longer serves you! If there’s any area of your life that is ready to be detoxed this is the week to do it. It could be self judgement, worry, fear or even perhaps a negative health habit that finally needs to be addressed. Have an amazing week allowing God and the angels to carry you with grace and ease!

Angel blessings, Barbara






Here is my YouTube video:

Managing one’s energy can be a path to creating long lasting change or complete transformation. As an Angel Intuitive I work with the angelic realm to create long lasting changes in people lives. In this video I share some information on how through focused intention and discernment we can shift and clear lower energies.
Anything that is not love and light is lower energy! In our lives that can be a lot. As human beings it is easy to have and hold onto resentments, worries, anger, fear, frustrations, jealousy, bitterness, anger and rage. The list goes on!
When we embark on the path of self inquiry and healing, or whether we are a lightworker or healer or just someone who wants to feel happier and suffer less one of the most powerful ways to manage our energy is by working with the angels. I work with Archangel Michael. The angels work with all people regardless of their spiritual background or path.
We absorb energy, pure and simple! We also affect others with our thoughts. When we begin to be fully responsible for the energy in our body, mind, spirit and environment we not only affect ourselves but the whole world.
By shielding, cutting cords and vacuuming with the support of the angels, we can clear the lower energies and unwanted emotions from bodies and spaces. This is a practice! As you do this consistently you will notice that you no longer are attracted to lower energies. You literally will notice not just a change in yourself but a true transformation.
Shielding and clearing lower energies on a daily basis will lead to transforming what you think, eat, drink, say and attract in your life.
These are but a few of many techniques one can do to raise our vibration and maintain it. It is often only due to extreme discomfort and unease that one makes changes. If one follows these messages to change to its fulfillment, one can transform one’s life.
We are pure energy. When we are clear and connected to divine source energy or God anything is possible. A hundred million angels are available at any given second at your beck and call. Call on them frequently to assist you. They see and know you as divine transformation.
Shield and clear your energy daily to experience grace and ease! Your circumstances and obstacles may not change immediately but your negative reaction to them will. Your peace will then attract more of what you really desire, peace, joy and happiness! Have a wonderful summer! For more information about me and my services see my information below.
Angel blessings! Barbara Calvano


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Angel blessings! Barbara

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