Weekly Angel Oracle Card Reading for September 7th through 13th.

This week I was guided to use the Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards deck by Stewart Pearce. http://www.theangelsofatlantis.com

I also recorded it as a ten minute audio.

Image-1 (6) Image-1 (7) Image-1 (8)
This week the angels Michael, Gabriel, and Jophiel are with us giving us support. We are guided to reconnect to enchantment, magical innocence of childhood, allow relaxation and stillness to better hear our angels guidance and choose joy that is ever present in the Universe. We are reminded that we get to choose our thoughts and that these thoughts create our lives. The high vibration of enchantment, inspiration and joy will uplift you especially this week. Stay focused and ignore the drama and distractions around you. Remember you have a choice in the matter of your life!

Here is the link: It is also at ITunes


With angel light and love, Barbara


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