Weekly Angel Oracle Card Reading for April 13th through 19th.

Join me this Saturday at 1pm EST April 18th where my special guest will be Anu Shi Asta. Anu Shi Asta (Anu Wyskiel) is an author, motivational speaker, 12Listen advisor, 12radio show host, creator of Angel Light Hypnosis™, Past Life Regressionist and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Anu is deeply committed to helping others awaken to their own innate gifts and ancient inner wisdom, and inspiring others to rediscover their connection to the magic of life. . Anu is an Atlantean Ambassador for Creating Heaven on Earth. “My mission is to work side by side with the Angels to help raise the vibration of the human consciousness and reach a Heaven on Earth state of mind. We have already lived it once before in Golden Atlantis and we can do it again. I am dedicated and passionate about helping you follow your souls agenda, manifest your hearts desires and transform your life. There is no doubt in my heart that we will succeed”. -Anu Shi Asta

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/letsasktheangels/2015/04/18/special-guest-anu-shi-asta–atlantean-spiritual-lifestyle-coach Call in at 424-675-6837 for a reading.




This week I was guided to use the Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards by Stewart Pearce.
For the beginning of the week we have a message from Archangel Michael: Patience. Patience is the answer to your question in your current situation. We are being guided to allow and not rush into creating. The pyramids took many years to complete. They ended up standing for over 4500 years. The three pyramids as depicted on the card represent “manifestation”. You are asked to meditate in stillness to allow yourself to be detached to the outcome of your desires. Patience as an active force in the time-distance between visualization and manifestation. Be sure to take some time to meditate to be present to stillness and allowing.


For the middle of the week we have a message from Archangel Haniel, Willpower. There will always be times when we want to give up. The whale on the card shows us the magnitude of size and far reaching movement of his dive and breath. Allow yourself to go deep within yourself to access your true power. The water of the oceans is akin to the tears of man. Whatever emotions you need allow yourself to deeply connect with them and even surface. If you require more support ask Haniel for assistance and allow her ruby red energy to give you strength and purpose. You will soon feel clear again to show your magnificence to the world. Chant mantra OM three times to support you with this.


For the weekend we again have a message from Archangel Haniel, this time, Courage.
We may be feeling less brave and even a sense of weakness in our lives. Haniel is here to shield you from these limiting beliefs. Do not doubt yourself. Honor your truth. Know that you are a spiritual warrior. Chant the mantra Om Namah Shivaya three times to light your way forward. Allow the ruby red energy of Haniel to grace you and give you strength.


This week we have the Archangels Michael and Haniel supporting us.
Tap into your stillness to be present and allow for greater patience. Your requests have been heard. Dive to the depths of your soul to connect with your willpower. Ask for support with your courage and confidence. We all have moments where we doubt ourselves and our abilities to manifest. Let the angels assist you with their loving energy and guidance.

Angel light and love, Barbara
For your personal angel card reading and life coaching, contact me at bcalvano-coaching@usa.net for more information.

Sessions are by phone, email, Skype barbara.calvano10 or in person in Manhattan.
Follow me at Facebook at Balvanocoaching, Twitter Bcalvanocoach
Bcalvanocoaching offers a special programs of sessions at a reduced rate. Spiritual intuitive guidance, angel messages, energy clearing and life coaching to create the results in all areas of your life. I also provide angel readings at parties and events. Contact me for more information at bcalvano-coaching@usa.net



May 3rd Angelic Healing Workshop $24 Early Bird Discount until April 25th ($44)
Join me on Sunday May 3rd from 1pm to 3pm in New York City. We will learn about the Archangel’s Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Gabriel, Metatron and more. Learn about their specific roles in supporting us in our lives. There will be a powerful sound healing meditation that connects with the archangels healing energy and balances our energy centers. You will experience and learn angel therapy healing techniques to protect and clear your energy and also learn to strengthen your intuition. You will come away empowered and energized by the angelic healing energy allowing for improved clarity, peace, energy and focus. Small group. For more information and pre-registration call 917-324-3726
For tickets:

Location: 34 West 28th Street 3rd Fl. NYC 10001 Balance Arts Center

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SATURDAY APRIL 25th Stamford CT Awaken Fair
http://www.awakenfair.com 10am-5pm Sheraton Stamford Hotel, 15 & 30 minutes readings Pre-book to receive a discount.
May 19th Westchester Holistic Network , White Plains, NY – Speaker
June 20th The Bodhi Tree in Sugarloaf, NY – Speaker and giving readings
                                                                                   July 26th Psychic Fair, Hotel                                                                                                   Pennsylvania, NY- Giving readings

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