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We will then schedule a time and date that works for you.  In your session I hope to leave you empowered and clearer on your present life purpose, identify any energies that are in your life presently that need to be and cleared, create with the Angels a best course of action to support and navigate your goals and dreams. We will identify which Archangels are with you most powerfully at this time to support and assist you to live with more grace and ease.

Your session will be 60 minutes with 10 Angel cards and  3 or more questions. 

I also have special rates for Angel Coaching or Mentoring programs.     917-324-3726

What Is An Angel Card Reading Session?

In my Angel sessions I channel angelic guidance and coaching and use angel oracle cards to obtain information in response to your questions, issues and concerns.

  • Typical questions address any area of your life such as relationships, health, work, career, and spiritual life.
  • I am not a fortune teller so I won’t predict your future; though I do identify patterns of behavior that if not changed will create a predictable future.
  • People have free will so these questions will pertain to you individually and how you see and react in the world.
  • I will look for energy blocks and patterns  that prevent you from having ease and grace in your life.
  • I address any blocks that you have in creating the results you want in your life.
  • My sessions are for people who are ready to take full responsibility  for their power and freedom  to create their life.
  • My readings are for people who are ready to live fully and boldly
  • The angel cards often confirm what I channel as messages.
  • In my angel sessions you will receive the coaching and information to take actions where you were previously stopped and resigned.
  • People feel connected to their peace and wisdom after my sessions.
  • You will learn which Archangels are with you at this time so you can work with them closely.
  • If time allows we will do energy clearing of your body and aura, home and work place.
  • If time allows I will teach you how to do this on a daily basis to maintain the positive energy in your life.
  • You can receive a recording of the session if desired.

Working with the angels is for all people regardless of religious background or not, spiritual path, etc. Angel energy is love and peace.







For more information see my website for testimonials, my Blogtalk radio show, Let’s Ask the Angels replays where I give readings to my callers, my Youtube channel videos. I have created much free content to support you and your questions. My work is to bring you through to connect to your divine self of power and mastery. With this connection you are able to move forward and create your life in all areas including relationships, health, career, and spiritual path.

My work is to support you to connect to your divine self of power and mastery. With this connection you are able to move forward and create your life in all areas including relationships, health, career, and spiritual path.

In my readings I assist in moving people from living in reaction/ego to living from their heart. This is called accessing the third, fourth and fifth dimensions of the ascension process.

Together we look and see what’s holding you back or blocking you from powerfully expressing yourself, reaching your goals and creating the life your dreams.

I use my intuition, channel messages, oracle cards, crystals  and essential oils to achieve this information and healing.

Often people come to me when they are stuck repeating the same patterns often creating the same results and are ready to access something new!

We work together to unconceal that which is holding you back!

My work is for those who are ready to jump to the next level of freedom and joy in their lives!

The results are not a mere symptomatic change but a radical  transformation so one’s life is not the same after our session.

Feel free to contact me for a free consultation to see if I am the right intuitive coach for you! I look forward to supporting you to access your wings and fly!   

Contact by email at

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