Angel Messages & Guidance for January & 2023!

Hello and Happy NewYear,

I hope you are all doing well. It’s been a little while. I was very busy with acting jobs during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and also I ended up getting COVID. It wasn’t bad I just rested for two weeks. I also did many tarot card events. I did many readings, it was great to be active and see all the people.

I wanted to let you know that this year I will be changing my fees for my services so if you want to get a reading it’s best to book one soon as in February the prices will change. It’s a great time to get a reading for yourself to help you map out your year. To do so go to Services purchase your session and I will contact you to set up a time and date.

The messages and guidance from the Angels for January and 2023 on my next podcast!

Here is the link to my next live podcast on Friday January 6th at 4pm ET. Replays are available on Blogtalk and all major streaming platforms. I will be sharing the cards below and also messages for 2023.

I’m working with the Mother Mary Oracle. I will also be sharing messages for 2023. I know I’m not alone that 2022 was pretty intense. What I see is that if we are present, meaning conscious and aware of what’s going on with our thoughts, our reactions, then we have such a great chance to heal. It is sure not easy but I know I worked with my angels and I grew a lot last year. It was probably one of the most intense years of healing for me (relationship issues and setting boundaries for energy). For most the pandemic has not been easy and we are still all recovering from what we went through.

I’m always reminded to say if you have a spiritual toolkit that means a ritual. a discipline. a structure of doing things on a daily basis that can support you as you go through life you come out so much better. This can include simple things like daily getting into nature, drinking plenty of water, listening to positive music even chants or mantras, eating healthy, getting movement especially yoga, walking and dancing, watching your thoughts, surrounding yourself with the highest positive people you can and really letting go of people, places and things that drain your energy. It is something I’ve been talking about for more than 10 years maintain our vibration our frequency. It is so important. Very often situations (energy) or upsets can occur when healing is wanted by the mind body spirit.

If you want to stop the cycle get very present, yes experience what you’re going through, the suffering, the pain. If needed get professional help, counselor or therapist but mostly learn to be present to being in your body. So this year I wish you to take care of your body in a way you’ve never done before so that this body of yours can be the holder of your experiences the sharer of your experiences. I look forward to serving you this year and I wish you all the most highest magical miraculous time filled with blessings and abundance.

Love, Barbara

The Angel messages and guidance from Mother Mary include when we can have the courage to allow the downloads the wisdom to come through us especially from Mother Mary we can begin to feel and see miracles. We need courage to trust. Trust our heart and then we’re able to sense the task that we need to do.

The second message is being present. We have been in a time of preparation and now the time is fast approaching or maybe even already upon you to open to more divine realization. This is a sacred and precious gift. She asks us to drop all preconceived expectations of how this is going to happen, how your goals will be achieve or miracles will happen but simply be present to what is happening with you in your life right now.

The third message is Our Lady of Truth. This Oracle brings you comfort and guidance encouraging you to honor your truth and especially to be as truthful with yourself as you can possibly be. Sometimes we may hide the truth of what we feel even from ourselves because we are scared of what might come as a result of being honest. Now we’re being asked to be as rigorously honest with ourselves with what’s up so that we cannot be fearful of letting someone or something go.

Courage, Allowing (or surrendering) and Being Truthful can be a real gift when we take a moment and embrace these simple ideas

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