Angel Messages on February 14th Valentine’s Day

Hello, My next Blogtalk Radio show will be on February 14th at 5pm ET, 2pm PT. on Let’s Ask the Angels. Replays are available on all major listening platforms. Apple, Spotify, Audible, Amazon Music, Google Play, IHeart Radio and Podbean. And Blogtalk Radio!

Call in for a special reading on this live show at 424-675-6837.

Here is the link: The cards are from the Crystal mandala Oracle by Alana Fairchild.

Summary of the card messages below.

I also have an special Zoom event on 2/22/22 at 7pm ET.

LOVE; CALLING IN THE ONE! This is about YOU calling yourself in at your highest level for yourself. It is about being that energy that will attract the ONE you are thinking of. It is about YOU being the ONE to cause great relationships in your life including your family. It is a powerful session. Registration is below for the Zoom and the fee is $11.

We will look at how to use the Angels to assist us in being our greatest self creating our lives. It is a special event for those ready to take the courageous leap in manifesting extraordinary relationships.

Divine Rebel: Divine rebels shake things up, create a divine disturbance and refuse to play by the rules. Part of your life purpose is to show others there is always another way, that the conditions of the mind places on the world about’ how things should be done’ can and should be challenged.

Original Self: What you one believed yourself to be is shown to be not much more than clothing your soul wore for a time. You have outgrown it. It is no longer a good fit. The sense of who you are becomes simpler. You are just you. You are freeing yourself from the projections of others, of the world, and simply living as your original, radiant divine self.

Tiger Spirit Rises: You are being empowered with a truth more potent than fear. Your spirit is rapidly expanding beyond what opinion and logic can contain. Your life, your destiny, your divine fulfillment requires that you have the courage to roar for love, to refuse to be put down, to respect yourself and to let your untamed loving heart be free.

Passion of The Lion Heart: Through passion you will dedicate yourself with an intensity and discipline that may surprise you. Passion is love activated. Passion gives you strength, plugs you into the eternal energy of sacred fire, and generates the ability to accomplish tasks you once may not have believed possible.

Listen to my show to get the expanded version of this reading! Angel blessings, Barbara

To book a session with me see Services.

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