Angel Messages for August: Open Your Heart. Dare to Be Vulnerable.

Hello my friends and a warm welcome to my new followers. I hope this email finds you well as the world shifts and changes with so many intense occurrences.

Since June I have had a bit of a break as I was taking care of my dear cat in his last days. He was a special boy of 18 years. He had a beautiful passing even with a vet named Dr. Colette Angel. I miss him dearly but know he is on a beautiful vacation in heaven. We were very close. I would think of him and he would show up in front of me. I used all my angel healing techniques and prayers especially in the last few weeks before his passing for him and myself. They gave me strength and peace as I navigated all the emotions around death and dying. I am in a good place especially after I was guided to pull this card for the situation (which I am sharing for you for August). I know I did my very best for him and I am complete.

It is from the Magic of Unicorns Oracle by Diana Cooper, a very high frequency deck that I highly recommend..

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There are 33 chambers in your heart chakra, all containing lessons of love. Your heart is open to the extent you have mastered these. As your heart opens and you feel free to share your feelings, you also allow yourself to be vulnerable, so people immediately trust you and feel close to you. This card reminds you to be generous and giving of yourself. Your guidance is to breathe into your heart and ask your unicorn to illuminate this centre with its horn of diamond light. When it pours pure love into all the chambers of this chakra and lights them up, this dissolves any old hurts or blocks you may still have. Most important of all, appreciate yourself. Feel your heart becoming warm and expansive. Opening your heart is the greatest possible way to light up your journey, for an open heart attracts help, kindness, true friendships and all the support you need from the human, animal and angelic worlds.

Open your heart.

Close your eyes and focus on your heart chakra.

Rub your chest and sense it becoming warm.

Visualize the spiral of 33 chambers.

Ask your unicorn to illuminate them all.

See the light spreading until yuor entirer heart chakra is ablaze.

Breathe into that experience.

Thank your unicorn.


‘My unicorn lights up my heart.’

From the guidebook of The Magic of Unicorns by Diana Cooper.

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Angel blessings, Barbara 

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