Weekly Angel Messages for October 3rd to 9th: Move Into Alignment

Hello dear ones,

I hope you are all faring well during these intense times! Please join me on my show tomorrow when I go over the present energies, offer you some perspective and take your calls for readings! You can always listen to the replay  to receive the guidance and support from your angels and guides. I will be having a free Angel Circe soon so stay tuned for that  announcement. Also my one hour reading special is still available. See Services for more info.

Here is the link for tomorrow’s radio show:


These cards are from the Mother Mary Oracle deck by Alana Fairchild.

Our Lady With The Moon At Her Feet: “I have heard your prayers. I have heard you calling to me  silently, in suffering, that despite all your effort, still you must endure. It is as if you are sinking when you want to rise, falling when you want to fly. I come to you now, with the moon at my feet, and ask you to put your trust in me. I will help you outgrow that which no longer serves, so that what you struggle to attain now, through effort, in time will come naturally to you. Have faith. What you want is possible and I will help you get there.”

Be open to receive Her beneficial help. Angel light and love, Barbara




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