July Angel Messages & Upcoming Angel Circle 8/3


How are you? I am back with my newsletter and information about an upcoming Angel Circle in August. I also have my July Special running through the 31st. $64 (regular $150) Angel Card Reading and Healing session by Zoom, Facetime. etc. See link below.

I have been doing my radio show on BlogTalk Let’s Ask the Angels since January 2013. I have produced 255 shows and had 113,316 downloads. I  have given hundreds of free readings and met incredible  beautiful souls. At this time the angels have guided me to stop giving the free readings on the radio show and focus on teaching. I  still also do private sessions/ readings by request. I am also creating new art and writing. I am taking a break from the radio show to reconsider doing a podcast or something else. Free readings may be available at times on my Instagram  bkiddcalvano and Facebook business page, Bcalvanocoaching.  It is best to follow me there to take advantage of these opportunities.

Since 2012 the Angels presence has been very strong on the planet.  Many have shifted already into 5D.  Basically living lives from their heart center instead of just reacting  from their ego (3D).  In other words we now know what we need to do. We have received many messages and guidance over the past few years on how to live our lives.

It is now time to take actions. Many will stay stuck in 3D or their lower emotions and ride out this lifetime this way. Others will take advantage of connecting with their  angels and heal. It is really a time of profound  and powerful choices. The world is shifting to a magnificent phase and there is tremendous work to be done with many changes  and transformations that will  take place.

Living in 5 D allows for  this experience to be filled with more grace and ease. I will be talking about this in my ANGEL CIRCLE August 3rd.

Also I have partnered with Doterra Essential oils for the past two years and have used their oils and supplements to stay focused, strong, healthy and clear and keep my vibration high. Contact me for a FREE personal session where I can share with you products that could enhance and support your vibration of well being at this time. The power of natural  plant medicine is extraordinary!  Text me at 917-324-3726 to set up a session.      http://www.mydoterra.com/barbaracalvano1


Here are the messages for July. Also a Facebook video. The replay of the radio show did not record!

They are from the Sacred Rebel Oracle and Crystal Mandala Oracle by Alana Fairchild. I talk about these in my video from my radio show. Card 1: Free From Judgement, Free to Love. You are learning about mothering and being mothered.”I now release from my body, mind and heart any negative mothering experiences that prevent me from receiving the healing grace, love and support of the universal mother through the natural flow of life. May I be blessed and held in her loving embrace so that I may grow into all that I am. So be it.” Card 2: Release The Dark Wound, Let Love Live. There is a dark wound in humanity which demands perfection and denies process. You have to let go of the death -grip of perfectionism and let yourself and your ideas live. “I now choose of my own free will to release all cellular memories and belief systems based in the dark wound of criticism, judgement, shaming and fear, so that my creative, loving energy may thrive in a nourishing environment conducive to growth. Through all time and space, through all dimensions of my being, through unconditional love, so be it.” Card 3: Visions of Life Beyond Death: Sacred vision is awakening within you. “I now release any fear I have associated with seeing truth, with seeing beyond the veil of illusion or with my inner vision opening up, from my heart, mind and body. I release any wounding I have received in relation to what I have witnessed at any time especially where it is based in the fearful response of others. I ask that my vision be restored to its fullness, through compassion and unconditional love. So be it”. From Alana Fairchild Sacred Rebel Oracle deck.

Angel Card Reading Healing Session regular $150 now $64 through July 31st. Zoom, Facetime.  10 card Celtic Cross reading, Atlantean Healing energy clearing. After you purchase the reading I will contact you to set up your session. If you need to speak to me before hand feel free to text/call me at 917-324-3726 for any questions about the session.

Click here to purchase July Special $64


Hi there,

My July 3rd Angel Circle healing and meditations  at 7pm ET will be on the Full Moon. It will be a Zoom event.

It is FREE and also if you feel guided  a  suggested donation of $14. You can pay by Paypal or Venmo to bkiddcalvano@usa.net or click here for Paypal.  Angel Circle Suggested Donation 


I will be sharing some advance Atlantean healing techniques I have recently  learned, specific oils and crystals that have helped me keep my vibration high. I have been feeling empowered and optimistic despite these tumultuous times we live in.

Join me for this one hour session and I will share with you what has been working for me! Much love, Barbara

You are invited to a Zoom meeting.
When: Aug 3, 2020 19:00 Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Register in advance for this meeting:
Register for Angel Circle 8/3 here

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

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