Messages For January 2020 & Radio Show on 1/11 at 1pm ET

Hello everyone,

I am wishing you all a very blessed New Year. I will be here to provide information and guidance to support your journey. This year I will be introducing some new information that I am using to support my health and peace. I initially got into sharing about Angels because I had found a powerful technique for greatly eliminating anxiety and stress. This is still needed. I am also guided to teach and include  other methods to keep our nervous system in balance, our organs of our body healthy and strong especially  in these times.

I have been using Doterra essential oils and supplements for one year and have had profound strengthening and clearing in my body. I also was able to major heal family issues that were actually stuck in my body as physical pain. I will be teaching about the oils more and also offering the Symphony of Cells protocol. a one hour session, which is a ten oil application on the spine and feet that greatly impacts many conditions in the body.

I have never witnessed such deep and subtle changes in my body and emotions. I greatly look forward to sharing this all with you. It is important to use pure organic high grade essential oils and products. Otherwise you are just adding chemicals, preservatives at to your body. for more info


My first radio show of the New Year is this Saturday January 11th at 1pm ET, 11am PT. Special time.

Messages For January 2020 & Radio Show on 1/11 at 1pm ET

Here is the link for my show: Replay at Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Blogtalk radio. These cards are from the Earth Warriors oracle deck by Alana Fairchild.

The reading is in the first part of my radio show.


Book your session with me for your New Year guidance! Special rates $110 ($150 regular) for one hour.

Contact me for other specials including Symphony of the Cells (in NYC).


Angel blessings, Barbara



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