October Greetings From Your Angels! Time to Step Up!


Happy October! It is time to step up and lead! No more following. This is the guidance for the rest of the year!

And maybe even  for your whole life! From the Work Your Light deck by Rebecca Campbell.


JOIN ME ON MY RADIO SHOW! GET A FREE READING!Here is the link to my me next radio show on Saturday October 5th. 4pm ET, 1pm PT. Call in 424-675-6837.


Here is the video for the week! Subscribe at my Youtube channel to watch all my videos on readings, talks and meditations.

If you would like a session with me see Services and choose a time and make your payment. I will contact you to set up your time and date.

Events! On October 27th I will be at the  Healing Arts Festival & Psychic Fair  from 12 to 6pm.  240 East 53rd Street Quest Book Shop, New York City.

It is a fundraiser so all proceeds go to the shop. $20 for a 20 minute reading, A real bargain and treat!

And am finalizing the details for my Goddess Workshop…..Angel Priestess Healing Circle….stay tuned!

Much love, angel blessings, Barbara



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