Messages From Kuan Yin For September 21st to 28th


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I will be sharing messages from the Wild Kuan Yin oracle by Alana Fairchild. Excerpts from the guidebook:

Blessings of the Khata bestowed.  It is never too late for joy! If you have not been feeling excited, positive or happy within yourself for a time, it is time for that  to change! Open your heart and mind to new possibilities and allow yourself to feel optimistic about your future, for there is a much blessing heading your way!

Anchor to fly.  Have confidence in yourself and your work, in what you are capable of doing in the physical world You are capable of success; you just need to keep applying yourself to the practical matter of taking one step  after another. Make sure to stay grounded, humble and practical in your day to day pursuits.

Be led by the path before you. Don’t make things more complicated than they need  to be. Don’t rush in out of fear or panic to try and sort out an issue. Be patient and allow it to unfold. The Universe knows what you are in need of, and the Divine Mother is guiding you daily towards fulfillment. Do what you can do, and what you cannot do, surrender to the Divine Mother.

Let your world spin on its axis. The changes that are happening for you are actually part of how your prayers are being answered. Do not fight against the creation of your own dream! Let life move you, even if it makes no sense because you are disoriented by the disarray. In time you swill see how what seemed like a problem was actually part of the solution.


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Lighten up! It’s a long road ahead! Angel blessings, Barbara



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