Weekly Angel Messages For July 29th to August 4th 2019


Welcome to the month of August this week! Join me on my next LIVE radio show this Saturday August 3rd at 4pm ET, 1pm PT. Call in for a FREE reading at 424-675-6837.  I’ll be sharing the messages for July  29th to August 4th 2019 and taking your calls. These messages are from The Divine Feminine oracle by Meggan Watterson.  The replays are always available at Itunes podcasts and Blogtalk radio Let’s Ask the Angels page. Follow there to receive updates on the shows.

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White Buffalo  Calf Woman is an omen of hope that all will be provided for us when we approach each situation with love. What she wants us to focus on is the intention behind an action because that changes the outcome. We can receive  what we need without fighting for it or trying to secure it through manipulation.

Vajrayogini asks ‘Can I see the lesson in the chaos?’ No matter what has happened recently or in the past, we’re reminded  that we possess the fierce wisdom that transmutes any pain or suffering in to deep lessons that free us and bring us more joy. She’s the call to wake up if we’ve fallen into the old myth that something or someone outside us is gong to save us. What is within us will save us.

Green Tara is the sacred nudge to get moving, to do what is that your soul compels you to do. Don’t sit with an idea or project any longer; take action on it. Tara is  about aligning what moves us to tears with compassionate action.

Excerpts from the Divine Feminine oracle guidebook by Meggan Watterson Artwork by Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman

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