Weekly Angel Messages For July 15th to 21st 2019.


Welcome to a week of intense energies! We have a Full Moon, retrogrades and an eclipse! Basically be prepared to be a bit sensitive to all of life and hold on  to your daily practices. If you need additional support reach out  to me and  Click here to book a session 

I’ve had a handful of events including a family member in the hospital  for 12 days and then back in again. She’s all good now but it  was stressful. My videos will resume next week as I have renovations happening in my home this week.  I also got caught in the New York City blackout Saturday night. We were at Lincoln Center out door  dancing to the Harlem Renaissance Orchestra when the power went out. We got home safely with few problems.  I’m also taking an  spiritual empowerment course lasting for a few more weeks taking up my time.

Here is a replay of my latest radio show on Blogtalk for the Weekly Angel Messages for July 15th to 21st 2019.


The cards are from the Kuan Yin oracle deck by Alana Fairchild. In order to remove the stagnant astral energy (from the past)  in your life……move your body. Through sound, dance and even  taking a walk. We are being looked over by at least 8  ( at least, most often more) beloved benevolent beings so know that you are protected and supported. Being conscious, present and aware – releasing that which no longer serves you( kind of the mantra these days) will provide a gift. You may very well see the product of all your efforts!  Key word: efforts. Make sure you are taking life by the storm allowing your guides and angels to support you. Be aware of astrology not controlled by it.

Again if you need help contact me for a  session! Angel blessings, Barbara




Be the change you want to see in the world.

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