Weekly Angel Messages For June 10th to 16th 2019


I’m back after a busy acting job week at the Tony Awards Show here in New York City. I’ve been doing it for over 20 years now. It always brings me much joy and creative inspiration. I’ll be sharing about it on my radio show.

Here are your messages for the week. Also, here is the link to my next Live show on Blogtalk radio:


Call in for a  free mini reading at 424-675-6837.

Here are your cards for the week of June 10th to 16th from the Earth Warriors Oracle by Alana Fairchild. My videos will be back next week!  I also celebrated 30 years of marriage on June 10th. I’m grateful for all my teachers and coaches that helped me have this wonderful partner that is my husband.

This week focus on your strength and power and to not give up. If you feel alone remember you have legions of ancestors and true friends besides you.Trust, see and feel the positive impact you are making in the world.

Ask for healing and support right now.There is spiritual protection now and you will stir up old patterns that need to be released. So take time to dance, play, sing, drum  and affirm your aliveness with joy.

Your soul wants you to know that no good thing shall be with held. Resources are coming to you. If you have been in lack, limitation or anxiety substitute these feelings of stress with absolute trust that the Universe will provide all good things with generosity and grace.

The Universe wants to express its creativity, healing and brilliance through you.The Universe knows all that you need so that you can best attain your destiny. All shall be provided for you. Expand your faith to allow for greater working of Great Spirit.

What you best need to know now and for the future is that there is a divine light that does not cast a shadow. Trust your feeling over appearances. Move away from influences that create fear, negativity or doubt in you. Reach out for that which uplifts your heart. Spiritual protection is being offered. Continue with your spiritual devotion. There is truly something good to come of it.

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