Angel Messages For October 8th to 14th and more


I hope you are navigating the energies of October with some grace and ease. September was very intense.  We still are acclimating with the new downloads of the summer! I have here  also the cards for this week as I shared on last week’s radio show on Blogtalk. You can listen to it at the first part of the replay.  These messages are resonating for us all this week to the 6th. They are from Rebecca Campbell’s Work Your Light oracle with artwork by Danielle Noel. As we come to terms of the truth and integrity of making changes in our personal lives we move towards new opportunities of groups of people and friends. All this transformation is our vibration rising to the next level of awareness and fulfillment.


And for this upcoming LIVE show on Saturday October 6th at 4pm EDT, 1pm PDT I have messages from the Angels and Ancestors oracle by Kyle Gray and artwork by Lily Moses.

We will go deeper into connecting with our guardian angels, experience the  autumnal energy of  powerfully releasing and  taking deep rest and invoke the  mighty warrior essence within us as we move towards the last quarter of the year. Here is the link to my next LIVE show for Saturday October 6th: CALL IN FOR A READING 424-675-6837.




Join me at the New Life Expo on October 28th at 1pm in the Skytop Lounge 39th floor. New Yorker Hotel.  NEW LIFE EXPO NYC INFO Click here

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