Weekly Angel Messages For July 14 to 21

Join me on my next live show July 14th at 1pm, EDT 11am PDT. I will be sharing the upcoming weekly angel messages for July 14th through 21st. Call in number is 424-675-6837 for a reading and you can always listen to the replay at Itunes Let’s Ask the Angels and at the Blogtalk downloads.

Here’s the link to the show:


This week I was guided to use the Rumi Oracle by Alana Farchild.  Here are the cards.

Also to book a reading with me see http://www.bcalvanocoaching.com/services.

In the school of humanity,

when you become intimate with God,

you reside on the king’s throne

and teach the angels the nature of the Divine.

Roaming about town,

 the master was holding a light, saying,

“I am weary of the demons and the beasts;

a human is what I am longing for!”

The human cannot be found;

we have searched!

“What cannot be found is what I am long for!”

Although poor and needy,

I will not accept small pieces of ruby,

The mine of the finest rubies

is what I am longing for!

One hand holding a cup of wine,

and the other, the curls of the beloved.

A dance like this, in the middle

of the circle, is what I am longing  for.


When you move beyond consciousness, 

you caress the beloved.When you move into the unknown, beyond everything,

the beloved caresses you.

Have a beautiful summer! Angel blessings, Barbara     bcalvano-coaching@usa.net



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