June Messages From Your Angels


Hope you are having a wonderful summer!  I had a great beginning of the month  at an acting gig working at Radio City

Music Hall with the Tony Awards show and the Council of American Fashion Designers show. Immersed in creativity, excitement

and joy! And l like many  have been impacted by the news of celebrity suicides and talk of depression.

My next show and the attached info on a podcast I did on healing my own depression is listed here



Here are your messages of  angel guidance for the month of June. I will be sharing them on my podcast at :


The first part of my podcast  are the messages –  the second half are listener call in, mini readings.

The next show is tomorrow June 16th at 1pm EDT, 11am PDT. Call in is 424-675-6837.

I will be taking about the guidance and also what it’s like to be an empath right now, depression and more.

I also did an interview with Tina Conroy on her show where I talked about overcoming perfectionism and healing my depression.

Here is the link: https://www.get-intuit.net/theintuitivewomanpodcast/

The cards are from the Work Your Light Oracle by Rebecca Campbell! We have a similar card again with the Ever Unfolding Rose! This message reassures us – all is well. Stand firm and listen as to what action to take next.

I will be starting my interview series on my next show! Stay tuned to hear from my extraordinary guests!





Angel blessings, Barbara

Special Rates for Summer $150  60 minute session

$100  45 minute session


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