Messages From Your Angels: It’s Happening For You, Not To You!


Hello my friend!

Here’s a message for you and some updates! From the Work Your Light Oracle deck by Rebecca Campbell.  The challenge is to keep your heart open when you most want to close it. Instead of cursing your situation know that you are wanted in this world to be open. So allow yourself to be – right where you are at. Listen to any messages that may surface with your situation. Be gentle with yourself. Watch your self talk- make sure it is empowering! Being human takes courage! Life is encouraging you to stay open! Ride this wave! Any if you need extra support you may want  book a session with me! If finances are an issue -get a free mini reading with me- see details below!


SUNDAY JULY 29th I’m back at the AWAKEN FAIR in New York City! From 10am to 5pm. I will be giving a talk! TBD the time.  ‘Step Into Your Power: Co-Create An Extraordinary Life With The Angels.’ I will  be doing a  powerful healing chakra activation meditation and energy clearing! also have a booth where  will have some small paintings infused with angel energy!  Come take your connection to the angels to the next level.  Tickets are free – register at 

ROGER SMITH HOTEL, 501 Lexington Avenue , NYC 10017 


FREE AUDIO  MINI ANGEL READING:  Secret password is in my latest radio show! If you would like a free angel card reading listen to my latest podcast at hear the secret password! Don’t worry it is at the beginning of the show and at the very end!  You can then email me your one question  with the password for  5-8 minute audio message reading! Here is the link to the show: Be sure to follow me there too for other freebies!


AND I HAVE A SPECIAL ON  MY SERVICES: My 60 and 45 minute sessions are now  healing sessions that combine some angel card messages and lying down on a table  to relax completely as I clear and activate your body.

60 minutes $150 (regular $200),

45 minutes $100 (regular $150)

30 minutes $80 (regular $100)  Cell, Skype, Facetime

Angel blessings, Barbara



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