Creating a New Year 2018!

Hello and Happy New Year!

After a bit of an absence I’m back with a brief newsletter today. I felt the need to retreat and rest though I was extremely busy over the holidays with corporate and private angel parties.

I also experienced a powerful healing during my break in addition to taking care of two of my five cats who needed extra attention.

I found new doctors for the cats moving towards holistic and homeopathic care and took my own health needs to a much more subtle energy level approach. I’ll be talking about this on my next radio show: about waking up to what we learned and experienced in 2017 and for 2018 putting into action  a plan of new practices to live our best life. There is a magnitude of subtle energies including angelic grace  and  we can embrace  it all to help us  create what we desire, including magnificent health and fulfillment.

The angels gave me two words to describe 2018 and they are: Genius and Exaltation! I had to laugh when the phrase “stable genius“came into the news at the same time. So, to be clear I am not talking about narcissistic genius here. I’m talking about connecting and tapping into the innate talents and skills we each have been given. When we call them for what they truly are we each have an aspect of true genius within ourselves. It is up to us to own these qualities. It is a powerful place of creativity and  firm foundation. Exaltation is the sheer joy that exists at any given moment and the angels help us experience this daily!  And we often have to clear ad release any fear and blockages that are preventing us from experiencing our true greatness. This is the work I do with my clients and even for myself!

During my busy angel reading schedule many people often said, “How can these messages be so  positive ?”  My answer to this was very simple and a reason why I teach  and work with angels cards and guidance.

There is such a huge magnificent amount of positive grace  and love in this world and Universe. There is so much that the average person is often blind, even cynical and resigned that that much positivity can exist because we can witness so much darkness. My experience with working with the angels has taught me that the light is so much more greater than the darkness. Once you have had this glimpse of an angelic initiation, this door opens for you to the vast amount of love and light available. One has to continue to practice and cultivate this opening to grow in understanding and discernment.

I am available to support you with this task and opportunity!

My next radio show will be this Saturday,  January 13th at my new time of 12pm EST, 9am PST and 5pm GMT.

The call in number is 424-675-6837. I’ll be taking your calls for free angel card readings! And you can always listen to the replay or even on Itunes. These are the cards I will be discussing also. They are from the Angel Answers oracle cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.

IMG_1046IMG_1047IMG_1048 (1)IMG_1120




Mark your calendars! April 22nd   Sunday,  I am happy to share I will be back at the Awaken Fair in Tarrytown and the beautiful Doubletree Hotel. I will be a Speaker and have a vendor table where I  can meet people, share information  and even give some readings by appointment. More details to come!


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