Healing Meditation with Archangel Michael video


I hope this newsletter finds you well.

I am in the process of making some changes with my coaching practice as I have been all year!  I will be updating with my changes soon!

Basically I have been guided to teach and coach about healing the body, healing from addictions, grounding and balancing the lower chakras for people. The higher chakras including contacting your angels will be much easier if this is done.

So I will be sharing about yoga, food, breathing, releasing emotions and basic but powerful information to really ground ourselves in our body.

In the mean time here is the Healing Meditation with Archangel Michael I did at my talk at the New Life Expo. It is 7 minutes long. The complete talk is also available at my Youtube channel. www.youtube.com/bkiddcalvano


If you would like to receive any support consider scheduling a personal session with me.

I have coaching programs at a special price. A series of more than 1 session to resolve an issue.  http://www.bcalvanocoaching.com/services

Angel blessings, Barbara

Here are some photos from my talk!


To stay updated on radio shows, events, Facebook LIVE follow me at:




Twittter bkiddcalvano

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To book a personal session with me by phone, Skype, Facetime, in person bcalvano-coaching@usa.net

or http://www.bcalvanocoaching.com/services

Angel blessings! Barbara



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