#iforgive –   Messages From the Angels for October 16th to 22nd.

 #iforgive –   Messages From the Angels for October 16th to 22nd.

This week I was guided to use the Keepers  of the Light oracle cards by Kyle Gray. Here is the link to my latest radio show with the reading, my topic of transformation and healing with the angels and listener calls. Enjoy!


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Angel blessings, Barbara

Each week I draw cards with messages for you. We bring these messages into our week amidst situations and circumstances that are occurring.

This past week’s energies with the Weinstein sex scandal for many brought up memories of  being sexually abused. With the #metoo campaign on social media we got to see just how many women and  men have been affected by this. For many this may have brought up PTSD. The darkness coming into the light with all of this is part of our personal and global healing. It’s important to be  just where you are with all of this: present. All of our healing will impact the planet. In regards to this personal healing, some  of us will  awaken and become present for the first time, some will finally acknowledge their emotions, some may be ready to look at the possibility of forgiveness and releasing all past trauma. The main thing I saw for myself with my own experiences of being abused is that it had created for me so much anger and rightly so. More anger than I thought possible for a human being to carry.  I remember working with a Chinese Mystic healer back in 2000. One of the things I kept addressing with him  was , “Wow, I had no idea I was carrying so much anger. Through  a variety of healing protocols of juice fasting, accupuncture, liver and gall bladder cleanses, colonics,  rebirthing in water,  ACIM ( A Course of Miracles)  I let go , let go  and let go.  To this day I continue to find a way to let go when I feel the anger in my body.

For many of us it may not be about pin pointing particular moments where we first got angry which is very valuable and eventually will surface but mostly now in acknowledging that we are just plain angry can begin to free us to enjoy our lives today. It is possible to release this energy, the truckloads, the rivers of it all!  For many of us it is from  many past lives, too.

At the core of it all when we can completely forgive those who have hurt us not necessarily pardoning the actions which often are unforgivable – we can begin to experience true peace. This week we have loving beings ready to assist us in our progress as human beings on Earth. Our thoughts will create out lives. There’s help from above with anything and everything you are dealing with. You can still be powerful in the world while you are healing and vulnerable. By embracing that lost part of  ourselves we achieve happiness that Is not born on anything external, just that we  love ourselves.

The journey us real. Stay strong. Stay committed. Know that you are beautiful. You are loved!  Ask  your angels to help you!

PS I had the opportunity to meet and  touch an albino Burmese Boa Constrictor snake over the weekend. Lord knows I know transformation is coming as the snake is a spirit animal of kundalini energy and powerful changes!

Angel blessings, Barbara


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Angel blessings! Barbara

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#metoo  #iforgive Honesty is subversive – Jim Carey





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