Weekly Divine Messages for August 7 to 13th 2017.

Weekly Divine Messages for August 7 to 13th 2017.
This week I was guided to use the Indigo Angel oracle cards by Doreen and Charles Virtue. I have recorded a podcast. Here is the  recorded reading:


In this week’s reading we are guided to look and see where we may need to apologize for something we may have said or did perhaps even unintentionally that caused an upset with someone. Rather than being right we are asked to apologize from our heart or even in person if we are guided. Also we may be looking to apologize to ourselves for having been too hard in judgement or criticism our ourselves. By doing so we access a new freedom. This past resentment or upset can be so small but so big in blocking our  access to positive energy. We pave the way for allowing wishes to come true. We experience wholeness and a sense of deserving. Taking a moment for personal inventory of a past mistake can lead to freedom and hopefulness of wishes coming true. It’s a a personal renavigating of our energy patterns. Ask the angels to support you in having the courage to be rigorous in your honesty of your a past actions  opening new doorways to abundance and freedom!

Angel blessngs, Barbara

Peace and Calming  II and Grounding essential oils blends by Young Living Oils are very helpful through this month’s energies with the full moon and eclipse.





Join me for my next LIVE show on BlogTalk radio where I will take your listener calls. The call in number is 424-675-6837.
I am taking some Saturday vacations days so three are less live shows in August.

If you would like to receive any support with this consider scheduling a personal session with me. I have 15, 30 45 and 60 minute sessions. By Facetime, Skype, phone and in person in Manhattan. I also have coaching programs at a special price. A series of more than 1 session to resolve an issue. Angel blessings, Barbara

You can still see my art at Yoga & Fitness Herald Square in NYC!
Meditation paintings. http://www.yogaheraldsquarenyc.com 


Exciting news! I will be a Speaker at The New Life Expo in New York City, October 27 to 29, 2017. I will be speaking on Sunday, October 29th. “Co – Creating An Extraordinary Life With The Angels”. Time TBD. New Yorker Hotel 481 8th Avenue at West 34th Street. New York City


with Barbara Calvano

Sunday, August 20th 2017 from 1pm EDT to 3pm. Purchase your ticket here: $44

Or at

Arrive at 12:45pm to 12:55pm.

Balance Arts Center 34 West 28th Street NY 10001 btw Broadway & 6th Avenue

We will be doing a meditation on the floor so wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat or towel.

Bring paper and pen

We will be doing several meditation and healings: Flower Therapy, Crystal, Sound and Angel

Angel Readings

Creating and Manifesting Exercise

SPECIAL FOR THIS ANGEL CIRCLE LAUNCH! Receive an Angel Card deck as a gift!

Have a beautiful day! Any questions feel free to contact me!

Angel light and love, Barbara

A gathering and workshop to call in the angels for healing, guidance, meditation, readings, and more! $44.00. PRE REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. No walk ins unless communicated to me.
Seating is limited. I require at least 5 preregistered in order to hold the workshop.

Join us for a very special day of healing and empowerment. Receive the energy and wisdom to move forward in your life, let go of that which no longer serves you. When you are ready to hear the message that can best serve you……it arrives.
It takes courage and focus to live your best life!
Connect with your guardian angels and be empowered in your life!

I am looking to offer this ongoingly each month.

SEPTEMBER 24th Angel Circle 1pm to 3pm

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