Weekly Divine Messages for July 24th to 30th 2017.

Word is August will be intense…….astrologically with 2 eclipses and more! I don’t do much with astrology but what I will say is hang in there with your spiritual practices. Stay focused on what your intentions and commitments are! There you will find your salvation. Honor your word and stay in integrity in your life. You have free will and choice in the matter of your life. Do not give away your power. Remember who you are! A divine being of the Universe made in the image of God and the angels.
Here is my link to the latest radio show where I shared this week’s messages, the special topic of how to live an awakened life and took listener calls!

This week I was guided to use a new deck of cards. The Kuan Yin Oracle – Blessings, Guidance & Enlightenment from the Divine Feminine By Alana Fairchild.

This is a time of balancing our feminine and masculine energies. Kuan Yin supports us with being open, vulnerable and yet at the same time assertive and courageous. We are drawing on our past experiences both from this life and our past lives. We have many talents and abilities to draw from to help us through any challenging situations. Know that you have resources, wisdom and abilities that are yearning to utilized. Here is a prayer “I now choose to honor, forgive, and accept and love all that I have ever been. I now choose, for my highest good, to open and surrender to the wisdom of my own soul growth, bring into this present lifetime that which has served me in the past if it will serve my highest good again now, through my own free will, so be it.”

IMG_6847There is a divine blessing on its way to you now! It’s important to cultivate a blessed frame of mind. The prayer is “I am so grateful for the blessing that is delivered to me now, I am so thankful that I can easily recognize and receive this blessing with my open heart. Thank you for divine assistance and unconditional love!”


The Yin Empress brings peace, prosperity and success to her beloved devotees. Your Soul Purpose includes Healing and Empowerment of the Divine Feminine, The Yin Empress herself. You gain power, assistance and untold blessings in following your Soul Purpose. You are lifted and supported in your Sacred Work now. You are a spiritual leader and pioneer and part of what you are here to do for the planet on a soul level, whether you are a man or woman, is to empower the Divine Feminine, the cosmic Empress of Yin of divine feminine energy, so that we may live in more balance as a species on the Earth. Kuan Yin, goddess of Compassion and Love is with us this week as we prepare for the month of August. This is the most powerful time of 2017. Know that you are chosen to lead. You have your ancestors behind you supporting you. Blessings come to you as you stay the course. You lead by example for others to live a life of an open heart and forgiveness. God, the angels, Kuan Yin, Jesus and Mary are all with you this week. You can ride through any storms! Stay focused on your intention and life purpose.
Angel blessings, Barbara
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