Spiritual Upgrade in May & Weekly Angel Messages for May 15th to 21st 2017.

This week I was guided to use the Archangel Michael oracle cards deck by Doreen Virtue. Here is my recorded podcast with the reading. “Spiritual Upgrade in May with the Angels”.
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These are the fours cards I was guided to choose. This month we are supported to have a major spiritual upgrade. It is a time to shift our whole energy  higher,  be more focused, clear and grounded. With these messages of guidance to stay powerfully focused, intending favorable outcomes, detoxing our mind, body and spirit by spending more time outside in peaceful nature and deepening our daily prayer practice. Though we may wish, there is no magic wand that can change things in our lives. Yet working with and connecting the angels and we have  clear access to the magic of our thoughts and words we say on a daily basis. Be very intentional and focused on what you desire rather than what you don’t want –  daily. We are pure energy of divine love and light and it is easy to forget. Protect your time and energy as it is your greatest resource. What will you bring forth in this month of May to make your life and the world a better place?
I am creating a new series of paintings and have a couple of angel projects cooking soon to be announced. I just finished a 4 day acting job at Radio City Music Hall in New York City which I still do occasionally. Although the hours were very long and strenuous I used the angel clearing techniques and shielding to support my energy. The last day was blessed by a fabulous mind blowing rehearsal performance by Jennifer Hudson. The angels showed me that I can rise at 4am and work at ”6:30am” and be on center stage in Radio City delivering a speech for NBC. ( I am usually not an early person!) I envisioned giving my own speech there on angels one day soon!
Angel blessings love and light, Barbara





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Angel blessings! Barbara


Angel Blessings! Barbara

1 thought on “Spiritual Upgrade in May & Weekly Angel Messages for May 15th to 21st 2017.

  1. So comforting your messages with the angel cards. I took some time out today to meditate on the positive possibilities that are available to me through meditation and awareness of all my possibilties through the Angel Card prayers. Such a beautiful day to enjoy nature. Thank you!

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