Weekly Angel Messages for February 20th to 29th 2017.

Hello and welcome to your weekly angel messages for the week.
This week I was guided to use the Archangel Raphael oracle cards by Doreen Virtue.
Here is my 15 minute short podcast from BlogTalk Radio, Let’s Ask the Angels.
This week we have the messages to embrace our health and energy. Allow compassion for any changes or modifications we are looking to make this year with our health. Take it one step at a time. Pay attention to your body as it is always sending you messages about what it needs to be vital and healthy. It may be time to try a new approach to your health and energy issues you have been dealing with. Archangel Raphael is supporting us to raise our level of health and vitality by working in partnership with him.
Angel blessings, Barbara

Join me Thursday February 26th for my live one hour show at 7:30pm EST. Call in for a reading. 424-675-6837.  Also I will be on Facebook LIVE. http://www.facebook.com/barbarakiddcalvano. You can post your questions there too. I will be guided to choose from both places radio show and Facebook LIVE! I will be talking about working with Archangels Michael and Raphael to create an empowered life with our heath and our confidence. Hope to have you join me!





I am so happy to be back at the Awaken Fair in Tarrytown where I will be giving Angel Readings from 10am to 5pm and a talk as Speaker! ‘Step into Your Power – Co Create Your Extraordinary Life with the Angels”. Look forward to seeing you there! 11am March 26th Sunday Double Tree Hotel

APRIL 23rd 12pm Sunday
A Talk on Intuition and Art “Doors of Perception – Angels and Art”
I will be giving a talk on my art (paintings) and how I have worked with my intuition and angels the past 30 years to channel and make art.  I will be doing readings for the audience members too on stage!
(The ticket price of $20 can be applied to 15 minute reading ($44).
at The Wild Project 195 East 3rd Street 10009
As part of a play festival by Spotlight Festival Productions: Rise of the Phoenix. Reception and opening party April 17th at 7pm



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