My February Event: Women’s Angel Workshop: Love and Power



I am really excited to share with you my February event:

“Women’s Angel Workshop: Love and Power” February 26th Sunday 2:00 to 4:30 PM

Balance Arts Center NY  34 West 28th Street 10001

$40 early registration      $50 after February 12th 

I was guided to create this in response to the readings and coaching I have been giving to my clients in the past year.  I found found that voice and bodywork assist in  creating better connection with my truth and  also in being able to better visualize and connect with my angels. Being fully present in my body allows for  more awareness and  a powerful connection to my divine self.

I always  am  guided to advise  my clients to practice yoga or some form of physical activity  such as dance, walking,  etc.  Angel messages are born on oxygen molecules so the more we breathe through pranayama or  exercise  we can more easily connect to their guidance and support.

In this workshop we will open up the  chakras or energy centers through  sound and movement exercises to expand our capabilities for experiencing and manifesting love and power in our lives.
In this workshop you will access your authentic power of self love including with your body, your voice and of taking powerful actions in life.

Much of our personal habitual actions with using our voice and physical body in the world are created by our past experiences. When we can access new and different pathways with sound and with physicality – we can create new and different pathways in our lives.
How we connect and use our voice and body as we stand, walk, move all are communicating to the Universe how grounded we are, our level of  confidence and trust.

In this workshop we will inquire, open up, release and connect with our Divine inner wisdom.

You will experience more freedom in your speaking your truth, comfort and love of your body and greater ease with connecting with your angels.
We will do voice and movement work along with healing angel meditations.

This workshop is to assist you in opening up areas of your mind, body and spirit that may be blocked by fear and other lower emotions.

My goal is to support you in finding a deeper  connection with your voice, physical body and to God and the angels – to assist you to  more easily manifest your dreams and goals.

I will draw on my experience as a dancer, actor, life coach and angel intuitive to bring new and dynamic information for you to utilize and experience.

Please wear clothes to move and exercise in.
Bring a notebook or paper to write notes.
Be ready to experience breakthroughs in your self expression.


$50.00 2:00 – 4:30pm February 26th
$40 Early Registration Until February 12th.
Click here to register or contact me.

Women’s Angel Workshop Early Registration

Call 917-324-3726 for more information.

Barbara Calvano
Angel Intuitive
Assertiveness Coach
Angel Tarot Reader
Flower Healing Therapist
Certified by Doreen Virtue, Radleigh Valentine, Robert Reeves
BFA Dance Performance  Sande Shurin Acting Studio

Host of BlogTalk Radio Let’s Ask the Angels


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