Angel Messages and Guidance for the Year 2017!

Thank you so much for being a faithful follower and reader of my angel blog! Your support is deeply appreciated! I am grateful for the opportunity to share with you messages and guidance from God and the angels to support you in your life.

Here are your angel messages and guidance for the year 2017! I recorded it on the first half of my radio show from January 7th, 2017 on BlogTalk “Let’s Ask the Angels”.

I was guided to use two decks of the Archangel Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue. From these 88 cards these 12 were selected.
This year begins with the message of Peace: Remember that only love is real and ends the year with Divine Order: Everything is how it needs to be right now, look past the the illusion and see the underlying order. You will have the possibility and capacity to deepen your spiritual growth powerfully this year as Raziel is with us twice. It is a year not without energetic upsets but by being committed to your spiritual practices of calling on your angels, using your spiritual tool kit of shielding, cutting cords and clearing you can experience a more peaceful time. All that we will process and endure is made much more graceful by working closely with your angels and guides. Last year we began and released many emotions and attachments that no longer served us. It will continue this year for many. Others will experience a sense of freedom and momentum as we get on with the business of creating a world that works for everyone including our own. It is a number one year starting a 10 year cycle. We have the possibility of planting new seeds for the next decade of our lives. A higher perspective on everything will be available, a very deep connection to your divine wisdom and power.

The cards are shown below!













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Angel blessings, Barbara


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2 thoughts on “Angel Messages and Guidance for the Year 2017!

  1. Thankyou so much for this, iv been feeling rather confused with all the emails I have been receiving from alleged Psychics, so many in fact I am unsure now if they are truly genuine and working for the light or not, i do not have any money unfortunately to pay for the supposed help or advice they claim they can give me,like lottery numbers etc, and even if I had the money spare I would not give it them,because I have been made to feel awful by some of them,making me feel like I have done something wrong when I have explained my circumstances,etc and feeling like I am being pressured, by them claiming to have spoken to my spirit guides or angels and telling me that they would be incredibly offended if I refused the help they were offering to me,and that I would not be given a chance for the help again, I don’t wish to go on about it now,sorry but it I’m starting to feel a little pressure in the whole of my forehead area…WOW
    That’s actually the first time I have actually realised that maybe t hat is a warning or some kind of sign, seriously wow
    Thankyou again for the 2017 reading
    love and light and many blessings

    1. Hi Sasha, Thank you for your reply. Yes, it looks like you are listening to your inner guidance which is real and trustworthy. The pressure on your forehead is also a sign of your third eye awakening! Unless it is painful and then that’s a headache! 🙂 Much love, angel beams! Barbara I’m on Facebook too where I may start Facebook LIVE readings soon!

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