Weekly Angel Messages for January 2nd through 8th 2017.

Weekly Angel Messages for January 2nd through 8th 2017.
This week I was guided to use the Magical Unicorn oracle cards by Doreen Virtue. Here is my short podcast with these messages.
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For the beginning of the week we have the message “Thankful”: Think about the people and things you feel grateful for. As we start the New Year the angels and magical unicorns are saying that gratitude holds the key for everything. We could spend more time complaining about what happened in 2016 or we can get empowered, right now.
There are actions to take this year to co create and manifest what we desire. One of the quickest way to do this is to spend time looking at all we can be grateful for. This vibration will actually attract more good in our lives!

For the middle of the week we have the message “Best Friends”: True friends stick together, no matter what. This is about our true friends and also our powerful relationship with our self. We are asked to be our own best friend! Put yourself first in self care, respect, dignity, compassion and love. This message also addresses your relationship with your angels, God, Higher Power. No matter what happens this week or year, create a powerful new relationship with yourself. You are a divine being in a human body. Forgive yourself often. Praise and acknowledge yourself. Go back and learn new daily spiritual practices that you can do each and every day that will immediately connect you to your true SELF.

For the end of the week and weekend: “Imagine”: What would you see, feel, think. And hear if your wish came true? We are guided to spend time imagining or daydreaming our most dearest wishes and dreams as if they already exist. Instead of spending time distracted by world events and personal dramas, social media and more, start practicing week spending time envisioning and calling in your dreams. Actually say Thank you to God and the universe for what you want as if you already have it! Thank you for my abundance. Thank you for my great health. Thank you for my great relationships. Thank you for my wonderful family.
We have a new year beginning with new and infinite possibilities! They can be achieved by working in tandem with your angels and guides, God and Jesus. All the ascended masters and archangels are at your beck and call. Last year was filled with a lot of distractions. This will continue this year. We can choose to react or create. We can choose to be laser focused! The angels are assisting us to CO CREATE the world we wish and desire to live in. It is time for you to remember just how powerful, beautiful and magnificent you truly are!
May you have a blessed week and year! Angel beams of light and love, Barbara



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