Weekly Angel Messages for December 26th to January 1st, 2017.

Weekly Angel Messages for December 26th to January 1st, 2017.
This week I was guided to use the Fairy Tarot oracle cards deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.
Here is my recorded podcast of the messages for the week: My next live show will be January 7th 4pm ET.

This week we have these messages of guidance:



Beginning of the week: The Magician: You can do anything! Take charge of your life. You can manifest what you need to be a success.
Middle of the week: The Ace of Winter: Don’t be deterred by challenges along the way. It’s important to communicate clearly and accurately. Amazing new ideas should be implemented.
Weekend: Seven of Winter: There is a better choice. Not seeing things clearly. Running from the truth.
As I began this reading I saw that it was really a message for the new year, 2017, also. We have the ability to change our lives even in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. There will be challenges yet if we are conscious and present, we can make the best choices. We can also put into place those wonderful inspirations and ideas that we have been receiving, some repeatedly for the past year. When you notice you have  powerful reactions to an upset or unexpected situation, check and see if your response is highly charged. Most likely there is a past experience it is leading you to that needs to be released and healed.
2017 will be a challenging year yet if you have been practicing in 2016 and earlier with your spiritual toolkit (shielding, clearing, cutting cords, releasing all that no longer serves you)- you will be ready.
There will be more to release as we prepare for the new cycle with the number 1 year of 2017. The angels, God and the fairies all have your back. For many it is the unseen, but believe me they are a powerful force that exists solely to support us to live a joyful life. I’m still putting together my RESOURCE page here at my website to give you extra support and guidance for next year.



A Christmas Story ( an unedited chapter from my forthcoming book)
This week’s messages coincided with a challenging situation that occurred on Christmas eve for me and my husband. We were returning from a family holiday gathering on the 9:13pm train from Long Island. When we were less than 10 minutes to our destination someone pulled the emergency brake and our train came to a sudden stop. Over the loud speaker the conductor notified us that the train had hit and killed a pedestrian on the tracks.

I’m thinking he could have said there was a mechanical problem but he anxiously announced otherwise. He was described as someone wearing a hoodie and headphones.
There were few people in our train car. One young lady started to cry as she called a family member. Most were shocked into silence. Some began to express their anxiety with incessant talking, complaints about the railroad system, the government, life, marriage, jobs, etc. Everyone had their own unique way to deal with this upset.

Time passed. We were told we would have to wait for the police to investigate this and to locate the body. This was all jarring and numbing the same time. We patiently sat and waited for the next announcement.
I knew why I was there and immediately began to call in the angels, a hundred thousand angels to surround the train, its passengers, engineers and conductors. I used my spiritual tool kit of calling upon Archangel Michael to clear any undue fear and anxiety from all the people involved that were willing to be assisted. I surrounded the train with the royal blue light of Archangel Michael. I called upon Archangel Chamuel to assist the workers in finding the body.
We were on the train for about  two and a half hours before we were moved to another train to take us home. I continued to work with the angels to clear my body of any fear and anxiety I may have absorbed from the incident. It was a horrible experience but I had the tools to support my peace. I thought of the refugees in Syria, their plight and situation. This was not a pleasant situation but it was doable.
A one point a conductor generously gave us  some water….an 8 ounce carton of water…’Aqua Blox…5 year shelf life emergency drinking water. U.S. Coast Guard Approved’…. Most likely sitting in a train car set aside for ages just for an emergency like this. We also had extra food with us from the party that we were able to snack on as the time passed into the early morning.
The next day my husband I took a walk in the beautiful sun on Christmas Day. We noticed the wonderful Christmas decorations on all the houses we passed along the way. Later  I nervously kept searching on my cell phone internet for any information on this person..…pedestrian strike……unauthorized person on the tracks on December 24th. Nothing.
The next evening I couldn’t sleep. I kept thinking of the sadness and hopelessness this person must have felt in order to step in front of a train. Despite my attempts I couldn’t find any information about the person or accident. I did see that there was a seasonal pattern to these type of tragedies. I finally was guided to call Long Island Rail Road and to speak to someone at ‘Comments and Concerns.’
I called and a woman answered the phone. She said she was aware of the incident I was inquiring about. She said it happens usually around the holidays and that they often remove any identification or a wallet as they don’t want to be identified. (The topic of suicide is a whole other conversation for now) My conversation with her allowed me some larger perspective on this tragic situation. It had me thinking more  of how deeply depression affects people especially at this time of year.
This  incident and topic of depression brought me back to a time in college when I had a mental break down. It was not officially diagnosed but I unexpectedly quit college the winter quarter of my senior year. After 4 years of strenuous achieving as a dancer, unaddressed emotional issues from childhood masked by constant perfectionism and busyness – at age  21 my fears and anxieties  finally hit the wall. I was preparing to rehearse 4 solos for our spring dance company senior concert …..when I just ‘couldn’t take it any more’. The result of pushing to be perfect and not having the tools to authentically communicate with anyone how scared I was ….of success…of life… of the future…..so I quit. I did come back Spring quarter and graduated.
But that winter quarter I went home and sat in my bedroom in the dark and drank Southern Comfort alone by the bottles. I remember looking under my bed and seeing the empty bottles there. They gave me some strange feeling of solace and  a badge of existence.
This person who had jumped in front of our train Christmas Eve had led me to vividly remembering my very lonely , desperate and sad experience in college of wanting to disappear.
At one point in my depressive drunken state sitting in that chair in my room I remember I had a thought which I now recognize as a message from an angel. I could keeping drinking myself into madness and forget all about my fears and troubles. I then might be placed in a mental ward, perhaps. An insane person doesn’t know they are insane… that could be a choice….. I wouldn’t have to worry about being so overly sensitive and unable to bear and cope with criticism and judgement in life.

And then in a split second I remember choosing life. To live. To not give up. In that moment I chose to be sane and be with my deluge of feelings. I knew I still had things to do in my life. I chose to keep moving on.From this point on I found my way to guides, teachers and counselors who supported me to live life on life’s terms. It would be another 14 years until I officially got sober and gave up alcohol. And with that there would be many incidents where miracles were experienced –  where I was saved and protected by God and the angels.
Yesterday one of my favorite dance professors from college, from this dark period,  passed away. I immediately remembered the difference this woman made in my life. I had grown from an extremely shy inhibited woman to being a fully expressed powerful performer. I never felt judged for the mess I had created with my quitting the dance company. I was present to the profound love that had always been there for me even though I could not let it in and feel it back then. She supported my creativity, talent and humanity. She supported my sensitivity and  embraced my weaknesses. There are even several other people who have transitioned in the past few months who all are like facets on a diamond shining brightly….all so I could see a reflection of myself through their love.
This week’s guidance tells us we have everything we need to succeed. There will be challenges along the way. You can be absolutely certain of this. Most importantly reach out to someone, God and the angels and connect and communicate clearly and accurately what exactly is going on with you. And if you are suffer unduly most likely you are running away from a truth or are unable to see the truth accurately that there is ALWAYS a better way.
Challenges will come, so use your spiritual tool kit – your mastery of working with the angels, God and the ascended masters, especially Jesus who works with all people regardless of spiritual path or religious background.
This ‘pedestrian strike’ or ‘unauthorized person on the tracks’ will always be part of my life. He helped me connect, re experience the desolation, hopelessness and fear I once felt and allowed me to release it….cutting the cords once and for all.

Your challenges will be your teachers, too.
Our buttons will be pressed next year. Our past will come back to be healed and released. We have the earth angels, lightworkers, the angelic kingdom and God at our assistance.
Thank you for letting me share! Thank you for taking the time to read this!
Have a blessed New Year!

Angel beams of light and love, Barbara

On our walk on Christmas day we saw a hawk in our local park!
The hawk spirit animal or totem has several attributes and meanings:

• Hawk is the messenger of the spirit world
• Use the power of focus
• Take the lead when the time is right
• Power to see, clear vision
• Strong connection with spirit, increased spiritual awareness
Hawk spirit animals belong to the realm of bird medicine. It carries the symbolism that comes with the ability to fly and reach the skies.



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My talk “Step Into Your Power in 2017 with the Love and Support of the Angels” is being rescheduled. I will update you as soon as I have confirmed the new details!

ALSO I will be creating artwork… paintings of healing  and beauty in 2017!

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