Gratitude Works Miracles – Weekly Angel Messages for November 21st through 27th 2016.

Gratitude Works Miracles
Weekly Angel Messages for November 21st through 27th 2016.
Hello! I am wishing you all a very special holiday this week, even if you do not celebrate Thanksgiving in another country. May we all experience some peace amidst the world events. Finding and reconnecting with people and things that we have already and maybe take for granted can bring us back to peace. You and I have a multitude of angels and ascended masters ready to take your stress and worry from you and bring you peace. Call on them often!
I highly recommend this free audio from Doreen Virtue: Angel Therapy Healing Meditations. Visit her website and subscribe. You will have access to this powerful meditation with the Archangels to assist you with clearing and releasing lower energies and emotions. I use it all the time!


This week’s reading is from The Saints and Angels oracle cards by Doreen Virtue. For the in depth reading please listen to the first part of my radio show. Here is the ink:



The cards for the week are:




We can be rest assured knowing that the Christ energy protects us and allows for a miracle in something we have prayed on. It requires us to be willing and open for one to have one occur. Then we have the reminder that how our optimism directs and creates that which brings us grace and ease. Be firm in your resolve to not compromise your values and vision of your life and of the world. Your voice is your magic wand! Speak your desired life into existence. Our words have the ability to shape our world. This week we are reminded that we have the power and the protection to create a life and world we envision. Be proactive and take a stand. Take actions and find ways to be peaceful. It is a new dawn of bringing light powerfully everywhere we go! Angel blessings and Happy Thanksgiving! Barbara

I am grateful to have you as a follower, client and friend! May you be blessed with graciousness and love!


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1 thought on “Gratitude Works Miracles – Weekly Angel Messages for November 21st through 27th 2016.

  1. Barbara – already showing up what your reading pointed to. Thanks so much for always connecting in most profound ways.

    This to wish you and Louis continued abundant grace in your life together .

    With love,


    Sent from my iPhone

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