Weekly Angel Messages for November 7th through 13th 2016.

Weekly Angel Messages for November 7th through 13th 2016.

Better late than never!!
This week my newsletter is late as I was deeply distracted more than I thought I would be by the election. Needless to say after much prayer for relief and answers,  I was guided back to my center and to my service. I will share more on my radio show tomorrow on how we can each stay centered in love, release fear and be empowered in our vision and quest to make this world a better place for everyone….no one is left out!
My next radio show is this Saturday, November 12th at 4pm ET. Join me as I share guidance from the angels. Here I will do a powerful clearing and releasing meditation in addition to taking your calls for readings. Call in number is 424-675-6837. Hope you can join us live or on replay!


This week I was guided to use the Indigo Angel oracle cards by Doreen Virtue and Charles Virtue. Indigos are those called to be activists in this world. It can be in your personal life or on a larger platform serving communities and causes.
The angels ask us to explore our heart and lives. Look at see the possible ways you can serve and move towards your dreams. It can be healing family issues, health problems, financial issues or larger scopes such as global climate change, racism, etc. If you are in need of a change in your life the angels urge us to explore the multitude of opportunities that are present and available for us.

img_8901We are also guided to trust that our prayers have been heard! Yes, your prayers from your heart have been heard and answers and solutions provided. It is all in divine timing so we must practice patience especially if the divine will of others are involved. Also we need to be fully present and consciously aware to the best of our ability to see, feel and hear the messages and answers being provided for us.

img_8902 And lastly the angels want us to know that we are so loved by God and the Angels. From the highest perspective – that all is good. Yes, there are appropriate actions to take. New ways of being. Choices to make. And as has been suggested all year from the angels………let go and release ALL that no longer serves us. This includes negative habits, thoughts and patterns, behaviors and addictions that block our ability to experience and see love in one another. If you knew you had total unconditional love and support from the Universe, God and the Angels -what would you do and how would you be? You are so loved. So very loved!

This week we are asked to open our hearts and minds and explore the new information we are experiencing in the world as to know what steps and actions to take. We trust our prayers have been heard and accept God’s unconditional love at this time. Have a blessed day! Thank you for reading this. I appreciate your time. Angel blessings, Barbara

For a personal  angel reading contact me at bcalvano-coaching@usa.net or book directly at http://www.bcalvanocoaching.com/services.


Upcoming Events:
Sunday January 29, 2017!
I will be a the Awaken Fair in New York City from 10am to 5pm giving readings AND giving a talk on ‘Stepping Into Your Power in 2017 with the ANGELS.’ http://www.awakenfairs.com
Hotel Pennsylvania
Penntop Ballroom – 18th floor
401 Seventh Ave. New York NY 100011

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