Weekly Angel Messages for October 31st to November 6th 2016.

Weekly Angel Messages for October 31st to November 6th 2016.
This week I was guided to use the Fairy Tarot Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.
I want to thank all of you who came out to the Awaken Fair in Tarrytown Sunday. It was a huge success with an extraordinary turnout of guests. It was an honor and privilege to meet you and channel angel messages that day. I look forward to seeing you in January at the Hotel Pennsylvania on the 29th. I will announcing the winner of the Angel Reading this weekend! Thank you for joining my email list and Facebook business page. http://www.facebook.com/bcalvanocoaching

My next radio show will be this Saturday, November 5th at 4pm ET, 1pm PT My special guest will be Angel Intuitive and good friend, Louie Otero. Join us for a lively conversation on our best life with the support and and guidance from the angels. Call in for a reading from us. The number is 424-675-6837.

Angels and guidance from the angelic realm have been a part of Louie’s life for as long as he can remember. Indeed, this connection has been a major force shaping his life and direction. Early in his life he realized the power and comfort of connecting with the angelic realm and committed to channeling messages for others and teaching individuals how to make their own personal connection with their guides and angels.
In addition to connecting with angels, Louie uses his intuition, knowledge and training in other disciplines, including Tarot and Mediumship, for tapping into divine guidance for his clients. He has trained with many inspiring master teachers and studied modalities including ATP®, Astrology, Tarot, Energy work, and IET® (Integrated Energy Therapy).
You can always find Louie on



For the beginning of the week we have the message, Release. Let go of the past. An ending that makes way for new opportunities. This same message has been coming up frequently this past year. It is time to let go of that which no longer serves you in your whole life – now. Look at where you may be holding on to things that are causing you suffering and undue struggle because you may not be able to see or conceive of another option or opportunity. It’s time to move on! The past is all inclusive of this life and past lives. By telling the truth about what you are truly not happy with and releasing it once and for all you create the possibility of many opportunities to show up. Releasing may be the thought of being in a job you dislike, a relationship that is not going anywhere, an unhealthy health habit or personality trait that is sabotaging your spiritual growth and no longer matches your intention for living a life of grace, ease and most importantly, fulfillment. Here’s the key…we release it to God and the Angels knowing they have heard our prayers for a desired outcome. Then we sit back and wait for any messages for us to take focused actions upon. We then begin the powerful process of co creating our lives with God and the Angels.


For the middle of the week we have the message, Unity. Do the right thing for the right reason. Compare traditional versus new approaches to see which works for you. Spiritually minded community. I love that this message comes next! All three of the cards this week are major arcana cards which indicate big changes – like for real! Your life will look completely different in the next 6 months if you allow yourself to follow your guidance of making changes! So what have we been doing? Are you making choices for the right reasons……for you, your beautiful deserving self or are you still making choices to please others not wanting to rock the boat, out of fear or to look good in the eyes of others? You are also looking to surround yourself with people who are vibrating at the same level as you…like minded spiritual friends who are up to creating big beautiful things in their lives and in the world. We are guided to bring unity in our lives. Unify your intention and energy with the rest of your life. Stop living fragmentedly, being one way in your personal life and different with others that differ from you. We are preparing ourselves for 2017 when we really step into our power and collaborate with likeminded folk.


For the weekend we have the message, Balance. Take everyone’s input into consideration. Merge viewpoints to create a better solution –there’s no need to rush. This message is really about balancing our female and male energies or the yin and yang parts of ourselves. Often we feel the need to rush, react and make changes quickly when something does not go according to our likes or plans. There’s a more empowering approach to the way we do life. It’s called balance. Taking the time to embrace a situation from both or all sides. There’s a big chance that the upset you have may have many layers of information available in it. The key is to take your time – breathe. Where and with who are you continually rushing to judgement and criticism? What’s possible is to experience an ability to see others and your own viewpoint in a new way allowing for better solution for ourselves and the world…. God’s grace and love to emerge. Doesn’t this sound amazing?



This week we have an opportunity to access and embrace a positive vortex of energetic change that is happening on the planet. Key words and actions are: release, unity and balance. You have to let go of that very thing that you are constantly holding on to once and for all in order to allow the opportunities and healing of God and the Universe that want to come to you. Call upon the angels to assist and support you in giving up where you think you are always right, where and with whom you feel you have been hurt or insulted, any victim energy you are holding on to. By doing so you begin the healing process that will enlighten you to a whole new perspective of why things have happened and why they came together as they did. We have to let go of our anger and fear and move forward in the light! Angel beams of light and love! Barbara
Contact me for additional support and angelic guidance in a powerful personal angel card reading that can assist you in receiving clarity and new possibilities to move forward your life today. http://www.bcalvanocoaching.com/servcies or bcalvano-coaching@usa.net
Have a blessed week!



Upcoming Events:
Sunday January 29, 2017!
I will be a the Awaken Fair New York City from 10am to 5pm giving angel  readings AND giving a talk on Stepping Into Your Power in 2017 with the ANGELS. http://www.awakenfairs.com
Hotel Pennsylvania
Penntop Ballroom – 18th floor
401 Seventh Ave. New York NY 100011


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  1. I love thiw weeks message! Thank you Barbara! xo

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