Weekly Angel Messages for July 4th through the 10th 2016.

Weekly Angel Messages for July 4th through the 10th 2016.
This week I was guided to use the Butterfly Oracle Cards for Life Changes by Doreen Virtue.
My next radio show will be July 18th at 1pm EST. Here is the link to join us!
Join me July 18th at 1pm EST with my special guest, Brigitte Parvin. Call in at 424-675-6837 for a reading.
Brigitte is currently in the process of co-authoring “How To Get Your Life Back” with Doreen Virtue due to come out in 2016. The book includes Brigitte and Doreen’s experiences in Recovery and how the angel intervened along the way. The book will also include stories of other people’s experiences and their angels.
Brigitte is an Amazing Light. Once you meet her you’ll fall in Love. Open minded, Loving, Gentle, but a strong woman not afraid to go in and get the work done. Having done extensive personal work herself. She has made her past one of her greatest assets. Having been in long-term recovery since 1992 she has had the privilege to work with many women, guiding and helping them reclaim their Inner Truth.
Brigitte’s Serenity Studio has been of Service since 1994
Brigitte Parvin is certified as an Advanced Angel Therapist Practitioner®, Angel Therapy Medium®, Past Life Reader, Hypnotherapist, Yoga of Recovery Counselor®, Akashic Record Reader, Yoga Teacher, and Reiki Practitioner. She has been self-employed since 1994 and owner of Brigitte’s Serenity Studio a Spiritual Books & Gift store, Studio Be Wellness and Yoga Center, and her own chemical free hair salon she shares with her daughter Noelle.


Here is my Youtube video for the weekly angel messages:
Follow me at http://www.Youtube.com/bkiddcalvano for my latest updates.


For the beginning of the week we have the message ‘Finances’. Your finances are being addressed. If you have put in the work you will see results. If not it’s time to put in the effort! It’s a good time to implement a new business idea, also.

For the middle of the week we have the message ‘Leaving’. It’s time to leave toxic situations in your life. This can be with people but also behavior patterns that no longer serve you.

For the end of the week we have the message ‘Adult Children’. This may correspond to an adult child you may have that is moving on. This can also mean addressing that the adult child in you- what are the tendencies or patterns of behavior that are immature or not benefiting you as an adult. It’s tme to face these areas and let them go.
This week we see our finances from a new perspective. Welcoming the fruits of our labor and or putting into action that which will yield in the future. We also see that it is truly time to let of any toxicity in our relationships and with our own thoughts and behavior patterns. Our adult child self is being addressed and any weaknesses or problematic issues of facing life as an adult. There is help available through counseling or coaching and with ACOA – Adult Children of Alcoholics. The butterflies support our growth and transformation to create powerful changes with our money, well being and happiness. Angel blessings, Barbara


AF 7-16 butterfly w logo & details

Upcoming events:
JULY 13th 7:30-9pm I am giving a complimentary talk on ‘Healing with the Angels’ at the Finger Lake School of Massage in Mount Kisco, NY. http://www.flsm.com
272 N Bedford Rd, Mt Kisco, NY 10549
JULY 31 Sunday 10 to 5pm
New York City Awaken Wellness Fair Hotel Pennsylvania
http://www.awakenfairs.com I will be giving angel and fairy readings along with life coaching. You can prebook your session and receive a discount at http://ppcgroup.fullslate.com/employees/1837
Ticket is FREE if you book it online otherwise it will be $10 at the door for the event entry.
My husband, Dr. Louis Calvano, who is also a photographer and will be selling his healing floral photography as a vendor.


See SERVICES to book your personal angel healing – life coaching session with me by phone, Skype, or in person in Manhattan- Murray Hill location Friday and Saturday.

Angel light and love, Barbara


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