Weekly Angel Messages for June 27th to July 3rd 2016.

Weekly Angel Messages for June 27th to July 3rd 2016.
Here is my radio show from today where I shared the weekly reading and about working with goddess energy – balancing receiving and giving.
Join me Monday, July 18th at 1pm EST where I will have Brigitte Parvin as my special guest. She is co- authoring a book with Doreen Virtue called, “How to Get Your Life Back.https://www.facebook.com/Brigitte-Parvin-461911270514305/?



This week I was guided to use the Goddess Guidance oracle cards by Doreen Virtue.


For the beginning of the week we have a message from the Celtic Goddess , Nematona:” Sacred Space: Create an altar or visit a power place to connect with Divine.
Your sacred space is within you now. You need a quiet place of refuge and retreat for yourself. Practice meditation and yoga. It’s really important in these changing times to have a place of centeredness and focus. Doing this as a daily practice brings enormous value and results. You will feel a need to go deeply within.
Nematona: name means sacred grove, because she protected the ancient Celtic ceremonial sites which were outdoors in sacred groves of trees. Nemetona continues to watch over sacred sites especially those connected with nature. She will help you build your own sacred space, and will assist with medicine wheel or labyrinth ceremonies.



For the middle of the week we have a message from the Chinese Goddess, Kuan Yin: “Compassion: Release judgements about yourself and others, and focus on the love and light.” Gentleness is the strength behind true power, and it comes from feeding yourself with nourishing words, thoughts, deeds, intentions, and all forms of food. Shield yourself from harshness by placing an intention to attract only kind and gentle life lessons and relationships. Transform harshness into gentleness by refusing to see anything but the shining light that’s within each person and situation. This intention begins with your relationship with yourself. Be very gentle with yourself in all ways. Be happy, be kind, be sweet but most of all, be true to you.
About Kuan Yin: The eastern Goddess Kuan Yin hears all prayers and is the essence of purity, nurturing love, and gentle power. Kuan Yin is a bodhisattva, meaning that she is eligible for Buddhahood. Yet she has vowed to stay near Earth until all beings are enlightened. This youthful and beautiful goddess helps us feel compassion and mercy toward ourselves and others. She’s also a protectoress of women and children, and she awakens musical interests and abilities as well as psychic clairvoyance.


For the end of the week we have a message from, Intuit Eskimo Goddess, Sedna:” Infinite Supply: You are supplied for today and all of your tomorrows.”
This is an abundant universe filled with more than enough for everyone. Yet the energy format of this planet is about polarities – giving and receiving. The key is to balance between the two. If you only give you’ll feel drained, resentful, and experience lack. If you only receive you won’t enjoy what you have. Balance comes from fearlessly giving as you’re guided, and then receiving with joy and gratitude. Don’t worry about the future as your needs will always be provided for.
About Sedna: She’s the Intuit Eskimo and Alaskan goddess of the sea who provides sustenance for the body and the soul. Sedna lost the tips of her fingers in a tragic boating accident and the digits transformed into whales, seals and other sea creatures. As a result Sedna, is intimately connected with the ocean’s inhabitants. Call upon her for plentiful supplies, especially for your family.

This week we are encouraged to seek that divine sacred place within us for sanctuary and peace through meditation. We allow compassion into our lives by observing and letting go of our judgements and negativity. We can be at peace knowing that there is an infinite supply of resources available in the Universe to sustain us. Enjoy a week of inner stillness and peace knowing that our fears are unwarranted. Move ahead with guided actions. Have a blessed week! Barbara

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