Weekly Angel Messages for June 20th to 26th 2016.

Weekly Angel Messages for June 20th to 26th 2016.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Summer Solstice and Full Moon! The energy of the first six months this year has been intense as we clear away what no longer serves us. We are more prepared to move ahead the next six months and complete our projects and goals for 2016!
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This week I was guided to use the Angel Prayers Oracle cards by Kyle Gray.

For the beginning of the week we have the message, “The Miracle of Nature: Thank you Angels for helping me to connect through nature and fresh air.” Taking some time to go outside and connect with nature is so encouraged at this time. It is the surest way to assist you to be in the moment.

How often do we take the time to observe the flowers, trees, sky, sun and the moon. There is so much power in being present to what is happening around. Miracles are a shift in perception and if you are looking for a miracle at this time get outside and breathe in some fresh air.

Take time to walk and be present to the glory of Nature where shifts in your thinking, miracles of ideas and thoughts can occur. Disconnect from trivial dramas that aren’t serving your purpose by spending some time in nature.


For the middle of the week we have the message, ‘Clear Your Vibes: Archangel Metatron: Thank you Metatron for clearing my energy field.’ This is an additional message about clearing your energy field of any harsh emotions or thoughts. This can be from people who are close to you, you work with or even passerbys on the street.

Call upon Metatron to assist you in clearing your energy field or chakras. If you need assistance with this consider booking a session with me.

When you also clear the clutter in your home, car or environment it directly affects your aura in a positive way. Metatron connects us to our higher wisdom. Use his sacred geometric cube as seen on the card to clear your chakras.


For the end of the week and weekend we have the message, “Open Your Heart: Archangel Chamuel: Thank you Chamuel for removing barriers around my heart.” There are wonderful opportunities for relationships to blossom at this time, with present and new ones. Chamuel can help you open your heart and heal you of any past issues where you may have closed your heart due to hurt and pain.

The angels are encouraging us to open our hearts at this time. Your heart may be feeling broken, but it is completely whole and all you have to do is remember that ultimately you are love. Angels want you to know it is safe to love and trust.


This card also popped out for the week (see below), “New Beginning: Thank you Angels for opening up the doors to change. I am ready!” A new opportunity will be coming your way and your Angels are helping you embrace it with ease. You may have previously felt resistance or even been stuck, but here is the new beginning you’ve been wanting.

Take this chance to claim the freedom you deserve. Allow yourself to detach from the dramas or challenges that have been standing in your way to move forward. There is exciting and abundant light surrounding you now. Whether it be a new relationship, home, career, or child, embrace and enjoy this exciting and prosperous new beginning that is being brought to you by God and his angels.



This week we are encouraged to do some connecting and clearing by spending time with nature. By doing so we are more apt to open our hearts to the love that is all around us and step into new beginnings. The angels are with us assisting our moving forward and experiencing freedom and joy.
Peace be with you. Blessings from the angels, Barbara



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Angel light and love, Barbara

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