Weekly Angel Messages for April 4th to 10th 2016.

Weekly Angel Messages for April 4th to 10th 2016.
This week I was guided to use the Messages From Your Angels Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue. For the complete reading you can listen and or watch my video!
To listen to this reading and my latest radio show on BlogTalk – ‘Let’s Ask the Angels’ click here:
Here is the video for the week:


For the beginning of the week we have a message from the angel Francesca. “What do you desire right now? Visualize it, and it will come about. Negativity will block your progress.” You have the power within ou to manifest and crate your reality as you desire. Watch your thoughts and words you use! Choose carefully what you wish to attract!


For the middle of the week we have a message from the angel Athena. “It is safe to be powerful. You know how to be powerful in a loving way that benefits others as well as yourself.” It’s time to move forward and let go of any fears about being powerful. As you do this you not only benefit yourself but the planet itself. Stop playing small!


For the end of the week we have a message from the angel Yvonne. “You have a special bond with animals. Your pets on Earth and in Heaven are watched over by angels.” Your connection to the animal kingdom brings forth your deep compassion. Pay attention to the animals that show up in your life this week as they have special messages for you .

This week the angels are acknowledging how powerful we are. Our ability to manifest is purely determined on where we place our focus and attention. It is time to step forward with our empowered selves and make a difference. The animal kingdom is our guiding force to connect with our compassion and love. Be strong, be loving and be assertive! Have an amazing week!

Angel blessings, Barbara
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