Weekly Angel Messages for March 14th to the 20th 2016.

Weekly Angel Messages for March 14th to the 20th 2016.
I am guided to share a message this week in addition to the weekly angel messages.



The angels remind us that we are not who we think we are. By that I am mean especially during times of high sensitivity, astrological changes such as this eclipse season we are experiencing our thoughts and feelings can be dramatic. Our emotions and thoughts can turn and change as circumstances and situations shift and flow. You can only look at the tides of the oceans to see the effects of the moon on our earth and also our bodies. That being said it’s beneficial to be in touch with who you really are and  not just identifying with your reactions and thought patterns. Who you really are is spirit in a human body.

I recently felt guided to cut off my long hair. I had been thinking of this change for several years actually. The longer I waited to do it, the longer my hair grew. I finally went with it as it felt like my inner guidance was leading me towards big changes. With  some excitement  and a little intrepidation I did it. I had about 10 inches cut off. I looked forward to the much shorter hair do as I mostly wore it back in a pony tail. I felt anxiety prior to it but felt that there was an energetic change that needed to happen in my life.IMG_5412 (1)

Well, what happened was not what I expected. I ended up feeling tremendous loss and sadness. Not to the point of crying but I was left with, am I my hair? Who am I? What I had seen was that my hair represented for me a sense of security, an identity, an image and idea. I am aware of the beliefs about spiritual powers and not cutting your hair. Yet I also know of many highly spiritual women masters who have very short hair. My new much shorter hair do was similar to what I had worn when I was 18 through 35. I thought perhaps I was being guided to tap into those creative and bold energies I once had. What I experienced was that without the long hair I was really just me. Those years when I wore the hair short really had not much to do with who I was. I saw that I had chosen to be bold and intentional with my creativity and life. I wasn’t my hair, I was my choices. Shorter hair does have less up keep and maintenance that frees one up for more time to do other things.
I am clear that spirit had guided me to cut it off so as to allow me to experience some very deep emotions that needed to be healed. Allowing myself to be present to the emotions of loss, disconnect, even disorientation has been uncomfortable yet in the aftermath freeing and allowing for a much deeper connection to my Self.
Each one of us can create, instigate or foment our own existential ‘crisis’ or healing. After being on the spiritual or human potential growth journey for awhile one begins to welcome challenge and change. This all can be done without a catastrophic or life threatening situation. Allowing yourself to grow and be with discomfort is a pathway to freedom. The angels can support us in creating grace and ease even with situations like this. Now I can see that deeper meditation actually could have allowed the same breakthrough and healing without having to cut my hair. Though I personally needed to be reminded of this and I do look forward to having long hair again!
The angels say to go with what you are being guided to change and transform. Those ideas and messages are there to guide and support you on your path. You will see in the end that it was not so much the events themselves you needed to change but  to become a better witness to the process and journey of life. The actual process in making this shift in your life will be your lesson. It is in the process of being present and experiencing what you will go through as you choose to take actions and be with the results.
So if I am not my hair and body who am I? I am my commitments, intentions, declarations and actions. I am committed to unleashed creativity and living with bold passion for myself and others. My intention is to serve humanity and love myself. It’s all good! Namaste!

This week I was guided to use the Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue.

For Monday and Tuesday we have the card, “Walk Away’: Leave the unhealthy situation, and enjoy the new doors that open as a result. Have the courage to listen to the guidance you have been receiving and take the leap. The changes can be with patterns of behavior, relationships or even your health. It’s time to move forward!

For Wednesday and Thursday we have the card, ‘Spring’: Your desires fully manifest as the flowers begin to bloom. You will begin to see the results of the actions you have been taking in the past few months and year. Be open to seeing them all around you with an open heart.

For Friday and the weekend we have the card, ‘Children’: Your connection with children is part of your life’s purpose. Allow yourself to be inspired and moved by children around you. They may be your own or other’s children. Their connection to the divine source will radiate new energy and purpose for you. Be present to the gift of their innocence and magical awe of life.

This week we are asked to walk away from that which no longer serves us, a continued theme for spiritual growth. With Spring upon us we begin seeing results of many months of hard work and efforts manifesting results. There is true joy available to us by witnessing the inspiration and awe that children have. We are reminded that we can chose at any given moment to embrace life as a brand new and magical! Have a glorious week!
The video is here with the complete reading. (With the long hair! 🙂 )


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