Weekly Angel Messages for December 28h through January 3rd.

Here is a recording of my latest radio show with this reading.
Join me Monday January 4th at 1pm EST on Blog talk Radio. The call in number is 424-675-6837 to receive a reading. The replay will be available also.

This week I was guided to use the Archangel Power Tarot deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.

For Monday and Tuesday we have the card Ten of Raphael. ‘Love and blessings fill your life! Harmonious relationships with family members. Happily ever after.’
We are  able to experience a deep level of peace and satisfaction in our lives. Your hopes and dreams are within reach! There’s a sense of peace and fulfillment. This past year for many has been difficult and wrought with many changes. Despite these circumstances we are able to count our blessings and acknowledge ourselves for staying the course of being positive and grateful. If you are not feeling this the angels are saying to take a moment and see all the good that is in your life despite the disappointments. By doing so you will attract more abundance.


For Wednesday and Thursday we have the card Six of Gabriel. ‘Congratulations, you’ve done a wonderful job! Time to move on to the next project. Awards, scholarships or promotion. Congratulations! You’ve done a great job with 2015! Your hard work and focus has paid off. If you don’t see all the results you had expected do not worry. Keep your continued positive focus in 2016 and you will. You need to acknowledge yourself for all that you  have accomplished this past year. You are ready to take on that next special project that is dear to your heart. Some of you will receive recognition for all you achieved. Take the time to pat yourself on the back for staying focused through the difficult times.


For Friday and the weekend we have the card New Beginnings with Archangel Jeremiel. ‘Starting a new life. Finding your purpose. A forgiving and compassionate review of the past.’
You are being called to take a powerful look at your past and renew your dedication to your life purpose! Each day of your life has led you to this moment. Now it’s time to make clear changes that will take you in a different direction. Archangel Jeremiel can help you review the past with compassion. Take up your new destination with joy and confidence. Situations where decisions must be made will work out positively for you. Many are ready to start a brand new life! You will experience perfect clarity and unlimited opportunities in 2016.
Archangel Jeremiel is the angel who helps with life reviews. If you’re seeking to take stock of the past and how it might relate to your future, you can call upon Jeremiel for insight. Ask him for detailed steps you can take that lead to successful changes in your life.


This week as we end the year and begin 2016 we are asked to take a moment and review our lives. We note the love and blessings that abound even if our lives are not perfect. We take time to acknowledge ourselves for all the hard work we have put in staying positive especially when things were difficult. We let go of that which no longer served us and choose a new direction for 2016 that aligns with our life purpose.


Here are my weekly messages on video.

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With angel light and love, Barbara
For a personal in depth angel card reading and life coaching on how to effectively work with your angels to create a life you love, contact me at bcalvano-coaching@usa.net to set up an appointment.
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I will be at the Awaken Fair in NYC January 30th as a Speaker & Sunday the 31st as a Reader. I will be giving angel card readings from 10am to 5pm. You can prebook a session and receive a discount at http://www.awakenfairs.com.

My talk is at 12:30pm at the Hotel Pennsylvania in Manhattan, NYC.
The title of my talk is ‘Living Passionately: Co Creating an Extraordinary Life with the Angels’
Here is a recording of my last talk given on November 22, 2015 at the Tarrytown Awaken Fair.

Stay tuned for announcements about my classes and workshop this year 2016.
~How to Give and Angel Card Reading Workshop
~Chanting A Sound Healing Workshop with the Angels
And more!

Thank you and I appreciate if your feel guided to share this with newsletter others! Angel blessings, Barbara

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