Weekly Angel Messages for September 21st through 27th.

Weekly Angel Messages for September 21st through 27th.
This week I was guided to use the Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.
For the beginning of the week we have the message, ‘Courage’ from Archangel Ariel. ‘Be courageous, and stand up for your beliefs.’

Ariel assists us with manifesting our material needs in this world as well as protecting the animals and the environment. This week you may notice that it takes practice and vigilance to stand in courage to choose consistently with what you believe in. We make many choices and decisions daily.

We can often be swayed by our lower emotions or other people’s opinions. Choosing courage is a creative act. This week have the courage to speak your truth, to dig deep and open your heart and live in your purest truth. It takes courage to live a created transformed  life instead of one from our reactions. Create the life you dream of moment by moment, breath by breath. Call upon Ariel as often as you need to!


For the middle of the week we have the message, ‘Remember Who You Are’ from Archangel Michael. ‘You are a powerful, loving, and creative child of God. You are very loved.’ Michael gives us courage, confidence, protection and strength. Here we continue the message of living an empowered life and not one of  victimhood.

When we change our life so that it is aligned with our goals and dreams we actually inspire others to do the same. Take a good look. You may not be with friends who actually support your desired changes or transformation. How you will know is that are you growing and developing in all areas of your life, spiritually, materially, health wise?

You can only grow or change in accordance to who you surround yourself with vibrationally. It takes courage to choose a new path. Michael reminds us not to be afraid of our power, magnificence or wisdom. If there are situations in your life that you are putting up with or suffering with we are asked to remember who we really are. Michael’s message is that we are connected to source and our higher power and have the ability to transform anything that is happening in our lives. Remember that you are a divine loving child of God not a victim.

You can also ask Michael to enter your dreams at night and clear away any fears that are blocking you from fully enjoying and living your spiritual gifts and qualities. Michael works well with us as while we are sleeping since that is when we are more open minded and receptive.

For the end of the week we have the message, ‘Prioritize’ from Archangel Metatron. ‘Focus on your highest priorities. I will help you get organized and motivated.’

This message continues with our coaching for being empowered. Metatron can help us with organization – our life, our thoughts and ideas. By doing so we so we can best achieve our dreams and fulfill our life purpose, Prioritizing your time, thoughts and energy is of the highest order. This is the way to achieve what you want. Make abundance your priority! Abundance in happiness, health and even finances! It may mean totally transforming how and who you spend your time with. Again take a look at your life…are you supported by friends and colleagues that uplift you, take risks, challenge you to be your best? Or are you living comfortably numb? (I have been there so I can say I know that path too well !)

This week it is time to allow and connect to the divine support that is available for us. There is no more time to waste. What you focus on is what you create. Call upon Metatron to assist and clear you to stay motivated and organized.
This week the angels help us with having the courage to live our best life, remembering who we really – divine beings, divinely connected and getting our priorities crystal clear once and for all. It is a truly empowering week of facing our truths and staying focused on what really matters in our lives. There is one powerful thing we bring to the world and to our fellow man each day. It is one thing and one thing only – our emotional state of our vibrational frequency. The archangels Ariel, Michael and Metatron are with us to transform our state so we can be of greater loving service to ourselves and and others.

With angel light and love, Barbara
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