Weekly Oracle Card Reading for August 17th through 23rd.

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This week I am guided to use the Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards by Stewart Pearce.

For Monday and Tuesday we have a message from Archangel Jophiel, “Meditation.”
By taking time to find inner stillness you can become aware of your own angelic messages.

When you quiet the mind you can more easily hear the angels messages. It is important to find some time to do this as they angels are sending you support and guidance all the time especially at the beginning of this week.

This stillness can be found in many ways. By observing nature with the sunrise and sunset, by sitting or walking quietly in nature among the trees or by the ocean. Take some time in the beginning of this week to sit quietly and allow yourself to connect and receive from the angels who are always with you answering your prayers.
It is also important to practice detachment in order you to be free of your expectations and fears. Listen but also be detached. Silence is golden!

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For Wednesday and Tuesday we have a message from Archangel Shamuel, “Beginnings”. New opportunities are being drawn towards you with new people, places and projects.

It’s important to release all that no longer serves you – people, places and things. You are attracting that which will truly serves you in fulfilling your life’s purpose.
Call upon Shamel to guide you to each new divinely guided experience. Greet each new day as a new dawn of exciting possibilities waiting for you knowing that you are fully supported by God and the angels.

Chant Om Bhur Bhuva Svaha , the beginning of the famous Gayatri mantra – to support these new energies flowing to you!

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For Friday and the weekend we have a message from Archangel Uriel, “Freedom”.
The message here is that you ARE free, you HAVE freedom. It’ s only in your inaccurate thinking that has you feeling you are a victim or blocked.

As we are guided this week to find our stillness in order to hear our angelic guidance and support, to witness the extraordinary new beginnings being presented to us, we can relax and bathe in the freedom of peace that is truly ours.

Archangel Uriel is sending us brilliant new ideas and thoughts. If you chant Hee, you can assist Uriel in helping you remove the feeling of being stuck or blocked by fear. This will clear your mind. Focus on your third eye, the sixth chakra when you do this. You will experience being connected to the infinite freedom that is available to you at this very moment.

I was guided to draw one more card. This card is from Archangel Michael and the message is ‘Transmutation’. Michael is acknowledging you are going through a rapid period of spiritual growth. By working with Michael and the archangels we can employ the art of spiritual alchemy of transmutation. Michael is with us to take all that no longer serves us in our emotional body.

Our thoughts, fears, and any lower emotions can be transmuted into heavenly light and love. You can offer up all that you want to have released and transformed. Michael will assist you in having it all transmuted into love and light. The process of a powerful change imminent in our lives.

When transmutation occurs that which was so – is no longer. You attain another level of being. Your level of experience love and life are shifted to a higher level.

This week we have an extraordinary opportunity to allow the angels of Atlantis to guide us to pure bliss. By taking the time to meditate and finding our inner stillness we hear the angelic guidance being given to us. By welcoming new opportunities that are attracted to us we release that which no longer serves us. We allow the space for the exquisite new. We then experience the freedom and peace our lives that we have only dreamed of. We are connected to the process of transmutation. We release all that Is not love and light into the heavens to be powerfully transmuted to divine pure liquid diamond white light, pure source energy that allows for infinite wisdom and guidance. And so it is.

With angel light and love, Barbara
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NYC-Enchantment Aug'15

Join me this week Wednesday, August 19th 7-9pm in NYC.
An evening with Stewart Pearce http://www.theangelsofatlantis.com I highly recommend this wonderful workshop. I attended one last Fall and was powerfully surprised with the results of chanting with Stewart. It is a true opportunity for a lasting connection with your voice, body and the angels. ‘Enchantment’ with the Angels of Atlantis
ENCHANTMENT is a magical evening inspired by the Angels of Atlantis through their Medium Stewart Pearce – both of whom create a sacred space for you to sound your heart’s content, enchanting magic and well-being into your life. This wondrous experience creates a crucible of love & joy, through which you will feel caressed by Angelic Sonic Meditations and the grace of Spiritual Teachings. In completion, uplifted by the Song of your Soul and the Angel’s Elixir, you will experience an empathic communion between the eternality of your soul and the Cosmos.

VENUE: The Balance Arts Center 34 West 28th Street 3rd Floor, between Broadway and 6th Aveue, NYC 10001

DATE & TIME: August 19th, Wednesday 2015 – 7.00pm to 9pm Fee: $40 Cash only.
RSVP: Please email Stewart via stewart@thealchemyofvoice.com
or contact Barbara Kidd Calvano via: bkiddcalvano@usa.net

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September 27th Sunday from 10am to 5pm Awaken Fair in Fort Lee, NJ http://www.awakenfair.com
I will be giving angel card readings 15 & 30 minute sessions. Pre-book to receive a discount.

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