Weekly Angel Oracle Card Reading for June 29 through July 5.

This week I was guided to use the Archangel Michael Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. To listen to this reading from my live radio show from June 29 click here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/letsasktheangels/2015/06/29/daily-guidance-and-protection-with-archangel-michael


For Monday and Tuesday we have the message, “Pay Attention to Your Dreams” Prayer: Thank you for tucking me into bed tonight and helping me enjoy a wonderful restful night’s sleep. Archangel Michael, I invite you into my dreams as my teacher, guide, and healer. Please allow me to understand this (situation) on a spiritual level and give me guidance.

Archangel Michael reminds us that much healing and problem solving can be accomplished at night while we are sleeping. Half of our life is spent sleeping and dreaming. When you tap into your dream state and work with your dream guide you can accomplish much in regards to your goals and life purpose.

You are receiving signs and messages through your dreams at this time. Pay extra close attention to them. Write them down in a dream journal. You will see a continuity and relatedness if you do this. I recommend Melissa Virtue’s books and services at http://www.sacredsolas.com for further information on dreams and dream interpretation.

Restful sleep also is a huge factor in our ability to manifest and create. Being rested, restored and peaceful allows for this to happen more easily. You may not remember your dreams but know that you are dreaming. In ancient times people knew the true power and magic of the dream state. We are asked to reconnect to this powerful and healing part of our lives.

You can set an intention to remember your dreams if needed. Also, for better dreaming and sleep be mindful of your habits of any unhealthful foods, drink, TV and internet before bed. We have a magnificent full moon this week and the Venus and Jupiter union. It is a powerful time to ask for what you desire. Live large!



For the middle of the week we have the message, “Be Gentle with Yourself” Prayer: Archangel Michael, please guide me in treating myself with gentle, nurturing love in everything I think, speak, and do. Help me know that I deserve this compassion. I release any feelings of guilt to you so that I may experience lasting inner peace.

We again are asked to nurture and take better care of ourselves. This is a  true access to being more effective and powerful in your life and relationships. Loving yourself and being mindful of what actions you take with the words you use, language and your thoughts are really important. It is in being mindful that we tap into our true potential.

This is a time of giving to yourself fully and completely not waiting for permission from anymore and releasing any thoughts of guilt. You are doing great and need to acknowledge yourself for all that you have accomplished so far this year.

Breathe! Allow yourself to luxuriate in feeling good. It may be only for a few minutes but this is your fuel for your ability to cope, create and function well in this world.



For the weekend we have the message, “This Situation is Already Resolved”. Prayer: I give any worries, cares, and concerns to you in exchange for true peace in all ways. Thank you for resolving the (situation) in a Divinely perfect way.

Here we have a beautiful message following the first two this week. Know that your prayers have been answered regarding a difficult situation in your life. You are asked not to react rashly or impulsively to change or force things to happen. Know that things are working out even if you cannot see it just yet. The angels are working behind the scenes with regards to your situation.

There’s nothing to worry about. Stay in your current situation as the problems will soon be resolved. Ask Archangel Michael to cut your cords of worry, anxiety, or any lower emotions daily or as needed. Give all your concerns over to the angels. You can choose peace in this very moment. Here is a talk I did at the Awaken Fair where I spoke about cutting cords and other clearing techniques with the support of Archangel Michael.


This week Archangel Michael assists us in living powerfully with grace and ease. Pay attention to your dreams as signs and messages are being given to you. Take really good care of yourself allowing yourself to be nurtured and relaxed. Situations that have been problematic are being resolved- in Divine timing. Michael’s loving presence gives us courage, confidence and strength. Enjoy being free!
With angel light and love, Barbara
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August 19th 7-9pm NYC An evening with Stewart Pearce http://www.theangelsofatlantis.com I highly recommend this wonderful workshop. I attended one last Fall and was powerfully surprised with the results of chanting with Stewart. It is a true opportunity for a lasting connection with your voice, body and the angels. ‘Enchantment’ with the Angels of Atlantis
ENCHANTMENT is a magical evening inspired by the Angels of Atlantis through their Medium Stewart Pearce – both of whom create a sacred space for you to sound your heart’s content, enchanting magic and well-being into your life. This wondrous experience creates a crucible of love & joy, through which you will feel caressed by Angelic Sonic Meditations and the grace of Spiritual Teachings. In completion, uplifted by the Song of your Soul and the Angel’s Elixir, you will experience an empathic communion between the eternality of your soul and the Cosmos.

VENUE: The Balance Arts Center 34 West 28th Street 3rd Floor, between Broadway and 6th Aveue, NYC 10001

DATE & TIME: August 19th, Wednesday 2015 – 7.00pm to 9pm Fee: $40
RSVP: Please email Stewart via stewart@thealchemyofvoice.com
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