Weekly Angel Oracle Cards Reading for June 22nd through 28th.

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This week I was guided to use the Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards by Stewart Pearce.



For the beginning of the week we have a message from Archangel Raziel who connects us to The Divine Mysteries. The message is “Intuition.”
Raziel assists us in understanding the secrets of the universe; remembering and healing from past lives and understanding esoteric wisdom such as dream interpretation.

Your intuition is real and trustworthy. We have just come off a powerful weekend with the Summer Solstice. Many of us were focused on a sacred site to celebrate this powerful energetic time. Even you didn’t  do this, this special time delivered powerful insights for all. Whatever messages you have been receiving like flashes of light, pay attention to these illuminated pathways.

You may have been led to a new teaching, a guide, a vision, a book, a piece of music, or a natural landscape. There may be additional messages for you by following through with this particular guidance. Raziel asks us to tune inward to our stillness and listen.

You can bring forth this quiet energy to the rest of your life. If you have been receiving any messages that require new actions or choices, know that this is guidance for you to heal your life. Raziel is also assisting you in tapping into the knowledge and wisdom from past lives that can serve you beautifully today. Be still and listen! And take actions!

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For the middle of the week we have a message from Archangel Sandalphon, The Sacred Guardian. The message is “Evolution”.
Sandalphon assists us in receiving and delivering prayers between God and humans and gives guidance and support for musicians.
Sandalphon wants you to know this is a very special time of spiritual growth for you. You may not be immediately seeing the results that you wish but Sandalphon wants you to know it is only a matter of divine timing. With all the stirrings you are feeling and changes you are starting, you are actually are growing by leaps and bounds.

Our ego tends to judge ourselves when we do not actually see what we would like right away. We are being acknowledged our of true potential and genius and to let go of anything that doesn’t support this beautiful aspect of ourselves.

The 12 orbs on the card represent the 12 chakras and their corresponding archangelic presence in our lives at this time. You are truly evolving. Sandalphon has delivered your prayers to God, your Higher Power and Source. By chanting Om you can experience your connection to your perfect spiritual evolution.


For the end of the week we have Archangel Michael, The Cosmic Leader and his message is “I Am Presence”.
Michael assists us with protection, courage, confidence and safety; life purpose guidance and fixing mechanical and electronic items.
Michael is letting us know who we really are and what awaits us when we discover our soul’s purpose and allow ourselves to be initiated into the world as a spiritual seeker. You have all the power of the Creator within you.

Michael guides you to sit on the throne of your true power, in the universal wisdom of the One mInd, the I am Presence. By doing so you connect to your authentic courage, confidence and strength and can truly stand in your power.

All the magnificence you see outside of you is also mirrored within you. Chant Haw through your base chakra to support this magnificent energy.


This week the Angels of Atlantis, Raziel, Sandalphon and Michael are with us supporting our spiritual growth and life purpose. We are asked to truly honor our intuition and any guidance and messages we are receiving as they are  the gateways to further wisdom and experiences. We are also not to judge our progress but to know we are actually evolving by leaps and bounds. The powerful universal ‘I AM’ presence is available for us, mirroring for us the true magnificence of what we see as also within us.
Allow these angels of Atlantis to support you! Have an extraordinary week!

Angel blessings, Barbara

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