Weekly Angel Oracle Card Reading for March 30 through April 5.

Join me this Saturday at 4pm EST on Let’s Ask the Angels on Blog Talk Radio. My special guest will be Carmen Carignan of Angelic Healing Essence. Call in for a reading at 424-675-6837. Here is the link to access the show;
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Carmen, intuitive as a young child, grew up in a family of healers. Her connection with spirit and the angels especially Archangels Michael and Raphael became evident at a young age. Her gifts of claircognizance, clairvoyance and telepathy often contributed to her being called “an old soul”. She is an Angeltherapy Practitioner(R) with advanced training, certified medium, a certified hypnotherapist, past life reader, certified Angel Card Reader, as well as a Usui Master/Teacher. She also facilitates past life regression. Her ability to visualize and sense the energy field has often guided physicians and nurses in the care of their patients. She has been an invited guest on spiritual radio talk shows including Souls Journey Radio and 12Radio. In the past, she has been a psychic adviser for http://www.sjlightworkers.net and http://www.12Angel.com. She has spoken at numerous expos and conferences across the US including Lily Dale Assembly in NY and the keynote speaker at Keene, NH’s Women’s Expo this past May. She is a writer for the angel corner of The MIrror Magazine and was a contributing writer for Archangels 101, The Miracles of Archangel Gabriel, and Archangel Raphael by Doreen Virtue and for http://www.Selfgrowth.com.
In private practice for over fourteen years, she is the the owner of Angelic Essence Healing in the beautiful
southwestern part of New Hampshire. Here she works with clients one on one and facilitates a monthly meditation group as well as teaching workshops. She is presently coordinator of a hospital volunteer reiki program and a hospice singer, singing at the bedside of terminally ill individuals and for other life transitions as well as a singer for a women’s chorus in her community. She is also a Mom to three beautiful sons with whom she loves to spend time with. An outdoor enthusiast, she hikes, snow shoes, kayaks and camps while capturing beautiful wildlife and scenery with her camera. http://www.angelichealingessence.com


This week I was guided to use the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves. Flowers are beautiful angels of nature that carry healing and powerful tools for manifestation as they have a high vibration. Flowers work alongside the angels, fairies and nature to bring you miracles and blessings in your life.

I am currently receiving my certification in flower therapy with Robert Reeves. I must say I am learning about the extraordinary healing and subtle energies of flowers. Interestingly the beautiful vibration of flowers are found in the photographs of flowers equally as well as in their live form! As you work with these flowers this week just by gazing at their images you can receive their powerful support.

For the beginning of the week we have a message from the flower, Calendula. “You Are Healed. The healing you have prayed for is on its way.”
The angels have heard your requests of prayer. Be patient as these healing changes are occurring behind the scenes. You are being guided to the perfect practitioner at this time for you to be well.

Affirm that all is well, perfect, whole and complete. This lets go of the illusion that there is something wrong with you. Whether it is healing for your physical body, emotional or spiritual issues you have connected to the best support person you need.

If you are a healer this message supports your work. Listen to any guidance about a particular modality to learn and implement. Any guidance about changing your diet or lifestyle are also important messages from the angels to impact and support your healing. Without hesitation or delay take these actions for change as this will strengthen your aura and physical body.


For the middle of the week we have a message from the flower, Sweet Pea. “Your Wishes Are Coming True. What your heart has been longing for is getting closer each day.” A beautiful message that follows perfectly after the first. As you have held your intention for your desired outcomes your dreams are soon to be a reality.

Remember to focus only on what you want not on what you don’t want. Do not be concerned on how these results will occur, just let go and let God and the angels take care of it. You have already seen a glimpse or small miracles that things are getting better. Trust that the Universe has your back.

It is through the power of your thoughts and intention that you powerfully manifest. First make your requests and prayers to God and the angels. Then be willing to receive and allow the blessings that follow. The Sweet Pea can assist you with this.

Buy some seeds and hold them your hands. Visualize your dreams and wishes coming true. Know that you’re just as deserving of happiness as anyone else. Next plant the seeds, and watch them grow higher and higher, sending your prayers to the Universe. Again a reminder to focus only on the positive as your ability to manifest is very powerful.

IMG_8904And for the weekend we have a message from the flower, Plumeria. “Raise Your Vibration. Your intuitive feelings are accurate messages from the angels.” You have sought support and messages from your angels and have been receiving them. Trust these signs as they are in the form of thoughts, feelings sounds or visions. They are real and trustworthy.

In working with spiritual manifestation we connect through our hearts. We open and allow ourselves to connect and receive through all of our senses and intuitive abilities. The Plumeria helps you connect more easily to your intuition and therefore the spiritual realm.

If you have any trouble connecting or understanding a message just ask for more clarity. Another way to raise your vibration is to detox and release what no longer serves you in your lifestyle and environment. This includes foods, beverages, addictive behaviors and people, places.


The angels and the flowers are with us this week to support us in our lives. The Calendula lets us know that the healing we have wished for is on its way or even in the eyes of the Universe –completed! The Sweet Pea’s energy reminds us that we are powerful manifestors. Only focus your thoughts on what you want not on what you don’t want. The Plumeria assists us in raising our vibration to the level of the angels. This is where direct and powerful communication occurs, an intuitive and clear connection with the divine realm. Be peaceful in knowing you are perfect, whole and complete! Your wishes are supported so take the actions that you know you need to take!
Angel light and love, Barbara
For your personal angel card reading and life coaching, contact me at bcalvano-coaching@usa.net for more information.

Sessions are by phone, Skype barbara.calvano10 or in person in Manhattan.
Follow me at Facebook at Balvanocoaching, Twitter Bcalvanocoach
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ANGEL WORKSHOPS with Barbara Calvano http://www.bcalvanocoaching.com
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April 9 – Life Purpose Oracle Cards: Learn how to receive guidance on your life purpose. (location TBA)

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• We will learn about the Archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Gabriel, Metatron, Ariel, Jophiel, Jeremiel, Chamuel, Azrael, Ragual, Raziel, Haniel, Zadkiel. Sandalphon, Learn about their specific roles in supporting us in our lives.
• There will be a powerful sound healing meditation that connects with the archangels healing energy and balances our energy centers.
• You will experience and learn angel therapy healing techniques to protect and clear your energy.
• You will also learn to strengthen your intuition with knowledge of the four clairs.
• You will learn how to connect and receive angel messages.
• You will come away empowered and energized by the angelic healing energy allowing for your improved clarity, peace, energy and focus.
• Small group. To register call 917-324-3726 or bcalvano-coaching@usa.net For more information http://www.Bcalvanocoaching.com
1pm to 4pm
$44.00 PAYPAL (after April 25th)
Register 917-324-3726
Balance Arts Center
34 West 28th Street 3rd Floor NYC 10001

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SATURDAY APRIL 26th Join me in Stamford CT at the Awaken Fair
I will be channeling angel messages & lifecoaching 15 & 30 minute sessions.
http://www.awakenfair.com 10am-5pm Sheraton Stamford

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