Angel Messages and Guidance for March 16 through 22.

This week I was guided to use several decks to share with you the angels’ messages and guidance for the week. The first overall message from Diana Cooper’s Unicorn Oracle cards is “Freedom” ‘Let Unicorn Energy Free You’.  Allow loving magical or higher dimensional thinking! And another similar message from Archangel Gabriel, ‘ Call in the pure white light’. In addition I was guided to Doreen Virtue’s oracle cards decks, Ascended Masters and Healing with the Angels. With both cards the messages is ‘Freedom’.


You are much more free than you realize. Connect with our healing higher vibration to experience freedom in your mind, body and spirit.
This week we are overwhelmingly being asked to examine how free we really are. How are we creating our barriers and limitations? Are we pretending we’re free when we are not really experiencing it? Are we feeling a huge bountiful expanse and a zest for life? Or are we feeling restricted like we are imprisoned, even blocked and surrounded by obstacles?

Spring is upon us here in the North East, USA and we are beginning to feel the enormous surge of energy all around us. Are we feeling like riding the big waves like a seasoned professional surfer in Hawaii or are we barely on the surf board furiously paddling gasping with water up our nose? Sorry but sometimes the angels can have a real sense of humor! Don’t worry, all is good no matter where you are at. The point is the angels are letting us know that there is true freedom and choice  available in this moment without even having our life’s circumstances or situations change.
By calling in the pure healing white light that is available to us we can literally experience a shift of consciousness and perception. Unicorn energy is a high vibrational frequency as one might imagine. They have the same frequency of the archangels. They are present on the planet earth as they are assisting us to connect with the powerful energies that existed during the times of Atlantis. They will work with you to give you heightened intuitive abilities, courage, confidence and strength, purity and dignity to fulfill your life purpose. The main thing to focus on here is that we are asked to connect to a higher vibration that is beyond our ego or limited mind’s understanding.
The guidance we are offered this week is that in order to be truly free we need to access and allow the support of the angels and their wisdom that is beyond our ordinary scope of comprehension. When one thinks of unicorns, one immediately thinks of magic! How many of you actually go to magical thinking when dealing with life’s daily issues and struggles. Most of us don’t! It sounds much  too silly and not very logical. There is the possibility of accessing a powerful force of nature that’s immediately available to us in this very moment.

Freedom is connecting to a higher power and knowing that you are not alone on your earthly journey. Freedom is surrendering to the fact that an ordinary way of looking at life has not provided you with the true experience of ease and grace.
Allow yourself to be in the energy of pure liquid diamond white light that envelopes and surrounds your very divine being and space.




The message for the week is to take a moment and tell the truth about how free you actually feel in your life. Then create an intention and commitment to step into the freedom that is available to you right now. Break free from the illusions of being trapped in circumstances and situations. Break free from living a life that is surmounted by seeming limitations and obstacles. The angels loving frequency allows you bypass stress, frustration, complaint and stuckness and enter a realm of inspiration, ideas, movement and creativity.The message this week is freedom. May you experience a new level of freedom in your life this week!

Angel light and love, Barbara
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SATURDAY APRIL 26th Stamford CT Awaken Fair 10am-5pm Sheraton Stamford Hotel
I had a beautiful experience at the Awaken fair in Tarrytown at the Double Tree Hilton Hotel, Sunday March 25th. We shared in the angels messages at my talk. The angels provide the loving support and guidance in my readings. I look forward to meeting you all again. Thank you so much for following your intuition and being there.





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